Bringing Hope through Soccer

John Strauch has joined our Surge International Advisory Board

Surge International is pleased to announce that John Strauch, owner, and president of Mid-Valley Media, Inc. has joined our Surge International Advisory Board. A former Surge Board member John has been a part of the Surge Soccer community since… Read More

No Task too Small! No Challenge too Big!

At Surge International we have “a calling” to serve others, that we connect with through soccer, the world’s most popular sport. Long trips, dirt pitches, rough accommodations – no problem – we aren’t afraid to get in the… Read More

Without Vision

Surge International Board Member Likius Hafeni was told three times – “that he would never get a visa to come to the United States.” But Likius believed God wanted him here. So, he continued to pray and continued to apply… Read More

Thanks to the Board of Directors

From diverse backgrounds and parts of the world, the Surge Soccer Board of Directors is unified in their desire to use soccer as a connector.

Surge’s Stefan Ostergren followed his dream

Surge’s Stefan Ostergren followed his dream… to play professional soccer in Austria! What is your dream? “… without faith it is impossible to please God…”

Surge Board members making a difference

While newest Surge Board Member Doug DeVries was in Chile, South America handing out Bibles with local churches ShareWordGlobal, Board Chairman Dave Smith and his wife Cathy were serving meals at their church in Southern California for the Harvest… Read More

Is being Undefeated really possible?

Looking for an inspirational read? (for just $4.62!) Just 28 pages – Three famous soccer players, one famous team; their stories of adversity, even tragedy that led to hope. Each story accompanied by a “life lesson” from the… Read More

Surge International Board of Directors Meets in Salem, Oregon

For the first time in twelve years, Surge International held their semi-annual Board Meeting in Salem, Oregon. And they came from all over the country!

An impact at any age

It Is Neither About Soccer Nor About Us Even though we attempt a little humor by poking fun at the “old guys” still playing soccer, the point we would like to make is serious. ANYONE can participate in… Read More

I Become All Things to All People… and Sammy Surge

At Surge International we take these words of the apostle Paul seriously: “I become all things to all men.” (1 Corinthians 9) Through the great world-wide connector of soccer we can connect with all men & women.

Ghana & Togo

Ghana & Togo – 11 days, 4 cities, 8 medical clinics, 1,424 treated, and a soccer tourney! Al, Surge VP, gets around!

Update from Ghana & Togo trip

Our 11-day trip meant staying in 4 different cities in Ghana and Togo doing 8 medical clinics where we saw 1424 people and encountered at least 5 languages. The clinics serve a purpose of making good contacts and… Read More

Sammy Surge says…

Learn to do what is right! Promote justice! Give the oppressed reason to celebrate! Take up the cause of the orphan! Defend the rights of the widow!

Sammy Surge at The Up for The Cup Soccer Camp

Get the latest updates from the soccer camp.

The Up for The Cup Soccer Camp at Trinity UP Church

And live from The Up for The Cup Soccer Camp at Trinity UP Church where Dave and Sammy Surge are teaching Sammy’s life principles!

Ghana Trip Update from Al Lotz

We were able to share principles from soccer that apply to life both on and off the field and both before and after the games. Al, was able to share the gospel message and a previous national selection… Read More

Sammy Surge is Guest Celebrity at Fan Day!

The top professional soccer team in Austria, Red Bull Salzburg, opened their stadium to fans and over 7,000 showed up. And Sammy Surge was a special guest for the Day!

Red Bull Salzburg & Surge Soccer

It’s all happening in Salzburg Sunday! Surge is sponsoring the Nation’s Soccer Tourney! Seven refugee teams and SRS Germany. Then a World Cup Party with special guests – Sammy Surge – and players Brazil, Germany and Egypt, who… Read More

In Salzburg, Austria for Surge “World Cup” Soccer Activities

Mitch, founding Surge Board Member; Dave, Surge Founder; and Danny, Surge Euro Director, in Salzburg, Austria for Surge “World Cup” soccer activities with players from ten counties.