Soccer opens door for healing

Through the connection of the world’s sport, soccer, Surge Soccer connects with people around the world. We then assess the needs and look for solutions, even those not in our area of expertise. 

From George, our Liberian colleague and Billy Graham scholar at Wheaton College – to –  Roy Reed, long time friend and former Surge board member. 

Roy’s wife Roberta, also a former Surge Board member, is already leading the development of education in Liberia with Ollie White. 


Helping Children and Youth Find Hope & Healing in Hardship


Liberia, a country of which 30% plus of youth served as child soldiers. We have gone through several years of brokenness, pain and trauma as the result of the 14 years of civil war, Ebola, and now COVID-19. The Spiritual First Aid training is an evidence-informed, peer-to-peer disaster spiritual and emotional care intervention designed to empower leaders and their communities to overcome trauma and its effects in the context of community. As a certified trainer of the HDI Spiritual First Aid training I could share our resources with you as well and we both can provide the training for leaders in Liberia.

The unique idea in providing conflict management skills, healing, mentoring, coaching and transformation for youth in post-war Liberia is to raise up new generational leaders through the 15 counties of our nation, by carrying on leadership, conflict management skills development, mentoring, healing and life coaching training. So, we will be looking at training about 50 leaders that are directly working in that context. Please let me know what your plans are so that we can both work through it to better serve our people.