We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists, not just to play soccer and entertain, but to impact and serve others globally.

Sport has the power to inspire and empower young people to believe in themselves.

Sport also has the power to unite countries and cultures that may not have anything in common other than their love of the game of soccer.

What does Surge Soccer do?

Surge Liberia

We are excited to launch Surge Soccer in Liberia with several amazing people.

Peru, Mexico, USA, Bolivia, +

Our investment within various countries through teaching and coaching is ongoing & exciting.

Sports Ministry

Learn more from our very own David Irby!

Where can you fit in?

  • a Soccer Player that wants to use your athletic talent to serve Christ.
  • a Coach who desires to use their leadership abilities in new countries.
  • a Church looking for a strategic project.
  • a School Principal or Teacher that want to bring role models to your school.
  • a Donor wanting to use your money to impact the world. Donate Online.

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What’s Important?

Two great soccer books to check out: Sammy Surge & Undefeated

We work with the United Soccer Coaches to offer training courses for both beginning and experienced coaches and a wide range of award programs. United Soccer Coaches is the largest soccer coaches organization in the world, with more than 30,000 members.

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