Surge July 2019 Update

Dave Irby, Surge Founder and inventor of Sammy Surge is launching his first children’s book, officially, this Monday in Salzburg, Austria: Sammy Surge in Study Hard, Play Fair, Help Others

Dave will read from his book during storytime, at Surge’s first-ever English-speaking soccer camp in Europe.

Already over 90 have signed up for the camp including over 40 refugees from the largest camp in the Salzburg area. A unique feature is the adult division of the camp, and 50 refugees from ages: 16-25 have signed up.

Featuring the Surge’s mascot Sammy Surge the book is available on and and other Amazon outlets.

Written for the young and young at heart, it is fun, lighthearted and thought-provoking; and features three of Sammy Surge’s four principles:

Study Hard, Play Fair & Help Others

with the goal of sending readers to where his fourth principle can be found.

Note: The Surge team is very grateful as the city of Salzburg is sponsoring the camp.