Advisory Board

John Strauch

John Strauch has been working in the field of multimedia production since before there was ‘multimedia’. At the age of 16 he started his first photography business and hasn’t stopped developing since. With beginnings in photography, then in videography, and then graphic design, John Strauch has worked in a unique and diverse marketplace, as well as having an equally diverse skillset that has gotten him real work with, and around, some very impressive clients, customers and consumers. Now, as owner and president of Mid-Valley Media, Inc., John serves his clients …

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Rev. John Prim

John was born and grew up in San Diego, California. He fell in love with soccer in high school under the influence of his best friend who was from England. John played in high school and later in college for UCSD (72-75). He played on the first Athletes-in-Action soccer team; helped start Sports Life in its infancy and subsequently played on the first Seahorse soccer team for Missionary Athletes International. While a missionary to the country of Uruguay in the early 90s, John played two years for Club Atlético Juventud …

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Rev. John Boyers

“Why should a football club have a chaplain? What would a chaplain do?” asked Watford and future England manager Graham Taylor to John Boyers. Through a series of “God ordained” circumstances John became the Chaplain for Graham Taylor and the Watford Football Club where he provided spiritual and pastoral advice and support to the players and staff during their amazing rise to the top league in England in the period 1977 onwards. He was asked to move up to Manchester in September 1992, to be Chaplain to Manchester United. John …

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