Study Hard

Education Matters / “Study Hard”

No matter what your circumstance Sammy encourages you to persevere (NOT GIVE UP!) – Learn to read and write. Stay in school and gain the important tools you will need to not only take care of yourself but to also help others. In the US and more affluent countries it can be easy to lose sight of how important education is, but in other countries it is actually a matter of life and death.   STUDY HARD!


Sammy and his teammates, would like to share with you the importance of education. It is the building block for success! Become a lifetime learner. STUDY HARD !

Per Engeback, the former UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa says this:

“No other investment has such a lasting effect as the education of children. Children who go to school are healthier, more self-assured and can more easily assume a profession. And education is the only effective “vaccine” against HIV/AIDS.”

School builds confidence, cohesiveness and community. Educated children are less likely to become victims of violence and abuse. As adults they are more likely to invest in improving their community. And the lasting effects of even basic education quickly multiply, as children who have benefited from school, continue to strive for success by creating opportunities to improve the quality of life.

Sammy and friends could not say it better. No matter where you live or what your life circumstances are, education is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for making a better life for yourself and for others that you love.  STUDY HARD!