Help Others

Sammy and his friends love to have fun and play with kids all over the world. And for us soccer is a tremendous tool to help those in the midst of poverty, AIDS and even civil war. Many of Sammy’s friends have visited some poor and even dangerous places to help at schools, orphanages and prisons.

Though Surge International closed down their Cascade Surge Soccer Team in 2009, Surge Soccer lives on with soccer projects around the world.  From Salem, Oregon to countries likes Austria, Germany, Mexico, Kosovo, Liberia and Mongolia, we love to encourage children to reach their potential.  We not only run Soccer Camps and After School Programs to encourage kids around the world, but we also donate soccer gear and equipment through our SOS Soccer program.

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“Learn to to good. Seek Justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of the widows.” Is. 1:17 NLT

You could follow Sammy’s example and lend someone a hand.  Whether doing home chores, helping a neighbor or someone around the world, cheerfully helping others is what Sammy is about.