Launching Surge Soccer Liberia

We are excited to launch Surge Soccer in Liberia with several amazing people.

Meet a compelling person, Ms. Ollie White (former Miss Liberia), read a compelling story – and you will understand why the Lord led us to get involved in Liberia.

Our powerful 5 minute Liberia video. Another compelling reason!

This is a series of blogs from Roberta (and Roy) Reed, who joined Surge founder Dave Irby on his second trip to Liberia. The Reeds, former Surge International Board, members live in Colorado. Roberta is an “educational specialist” and Roy is a “trauma specialist.”

Stories and Updates from Liberia

Updates on an intern, Massa, BBS2, and Ollie

Winifred, one of the Liberia Christian Leadership interns, is such an exciting story to watch as God writes across her life. She is the one intern who has a mentor/sponsor, and she is growing, using the skills she has learned through Surge Soccer, and applying them to the pursuit of the goal God has placed on her heart-opening a pregnancy center in Monrovia, Liberia. Here are a few excerpts from her latest communication with her sponsor/mentor: Thanks for always supporting me in this journey I have started for the future …

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Revolutionizing Reading in Liberia

“Revolutionizing Reading in Liberia” discusses Surge Soccer’s initiative to improve literacy among Liberian youth through soccer-based educational programs. It highlights the challenges faced by the education system in Liberia and showcases the impact of combining sports with learning. The program uses soccer to engage children and incorporate reading and educational activities, aiming to foster a love for learning and improve literacy rates.

Soccer Connects Us to Education Development in Liberia

Our education initiatives led by Roberta Reed and Ollie White continue to move forward! Click here for more of the story.

Surge Soccer Liberia – 2023 Summary Report

Surge Soccer Liberia appreciates God almighty for his gift of life and many opportunities he had given us to work for his kingdom purpose. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Surge International Board members and all others who contributed towards the growth and development of Surge Soccer Liberia throughout last year 2023. This report summarizes all of our activities as it relates to the following programs and financial breakdown.  During the course of the year (2023) it was agreed that we have an online meeting once every month …

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Year End + Matching Grant 4 Liberia + Anaheim + UN Conference

Dear Friends, MEET OUR LIBERIAN INTERNS IN THE ATTACHMENT Many years ago we received a $30,000 matching grant. This Year End matching grant is a mere $3,000 — but what an impact your prayers and year end donations can have in Liberia. We are starting a Christian Leadership Training program and have five young Liberians ready to GO! We appreciate the Year End Gifts we have already received and we are praying for a few more so we can start the new year in Liberia with a Bang! Imagine for …

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Surge International Launch New Leadership Program in Liberia

We are pleased to announce our new Leadership Internship Program in Liberia. Set to launch in November the concept took shape on our most recent trip from the US to Liberia when Roberta Reed (our education specialist) spent time with Winnifred, one of our Surge Liberia volunteers. Since our first trip to Liberia in February 2022 we have now made 4 trips to Liberia. Surge Soccer Liberia has been officially launched and we have grown from two Liberian staff members to a total of nine staff and volunteers. With the …

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Sammy Surge visits the  Praise Academy Solid Foundation School

Today Sammy Surge and team visited the Praise Academy Solid Foundation School located in a slum in Liberia. 150 children and staff were on hand for Sammy’s presentation of study hard, play fair, help others. This school is located in a slum community. This school is a primary school with 150 students between the ages of 5-15 years. The school has 10 staffs including teachers and administrative staff.

Lotz November Update – Liberia trip 

Thank you for praying for Al’s recent trip to Liberia. Looking at our prayer requests, I’m happy to report answered prayer forall: Safety in travel Good health Clarity in teaching Open hearts However, there were still a few snags on the trip that made it fairly stressful. Al was writing things out as it was happening in order to have documentation for our dealings with the airline, so I’ll copy and paste some of that here.

Liberia – November 2022

We are so grateful to be working in Liberia and for our Liberian friends, but we have found it hard to get to Liberia.  On November 8th this was our note “Please pray for my friend & colleague Al Lotz as he is stranded in Ghana. He was on his was to teach at a conference in Liberia. He flew from Atlanta to New York to Accra, Ghana and is now stranded due to a strike. No word on when he can get out! On our four trips we have experienced multiple flight cancelations & delays! “ But …

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Liberia update and things to pray about (Visit with Amos Gayflor)

Good morning! Thank you for praying for Liberia and for the Liberian people. Please pray specifically for Ollie at this time. Her older brother died this past week. Here is an encouraging, inspirational, and thoughtful video of Amos Gayflor, chief of one of the Liberian tribes, and dedicated to spreading the word of God throughout Africa. What amazing people we met in Liberia, and now you can meet them through the videos! The new technology made a huge difference in our second Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community meeting! Thank you! It …

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