Launching Surge Soccer Liberia

We are excited to launch Surge Soccer in Liberia with several amazing people.

Meet a compelling person, Ms. Ollie White (former Miss Liberia), read a compelling story – and you will understand why the Lord led us to get involved in Liberia.

Our powerful 5 minute Liberia video. Another compelling reason!

This is a series of blogs from Roberta (and Roy) Reed, who joined Surge founder Dave Irby on his second trip to Liberia. The Reeds, former Surge International Board, members live in Colorado. Roberta is an “educational specialist” and Roy is a “trauma specialist.”

Stories and Updates from Liberia

Facebook Live with the Vice-President of Sports Journalism in Liberia

Join David Irby on on Facebook Live tomorrow at 10:00 am PST by the Vice-President of Sports Journalism in Liberia. We are starting new initiatives in Zambia, Liberia, Kenya and Haiti to train pastor and coaches in evangelism & discipleship through sports. Varmah Kamara, will be the host, from Facebook.

Ladies Connecting In Liberia

Soccer Outreach in Liberia