Is being Undefeated really possible?

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[ads-quote-center cite=”]In real life, with real people, being undefeated in anything is so rare that most of us will never experience it. In life, we all feel the pain of loss and defeat. In the midst of our daily struggles comes a very basic spiritual truth or reality that says everyone can experience the wonderful fulfillment of being undefeated![/ads-quote-center]

Just 28 pages – Three famous soccer players, one famous team; their stories of adversity, even tragedy that led to hope. Each story accompanied by a “life lesson” from the best selling book of all time – The Bible. A powerful gift for your soccer/football friends and colleagues or anyone who needs some inspiration.

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ABOUT DAVE IRBY – THE AUTHOR Holder of a U.S. Soccer “A” Coaching License and a Master’s Degree in Teaching (University of La Verne, California), Dave has been an ambassador for Christ to thirty-five countries (and counting) through the sport of soccer. Twice named Coach of the Year at Azusa Pacific College (California), Dave is one of the early pioneers of the soccer ministry movement. Dave and his teams have played soccer in national stadiums and tiny jungle villages from Central America to Asia to Africa, the Middle East, and soccer clubs in Europe. Dave has helped with nation-wide reconciliation after the civil war in Uganda and with the peace process in Sudan. He currently is working on “the soccer for peace” movement in Burundi, Africa and with soccer and church partners on the refugee crisis in Europe. Married to Susan with three grown children (Nathan/Kate, Ryan, and Hayley). Dave splits his time between his home in Salem, Oregon and Southern California and Surge projects around the world. UPDATE: Dave is also the Head Coach for the Southern California Seahorses in the National U-23 League (PDL) Learn more about Dave and Surge International at or