Surge Soccer Liberia – 2023 Summary Report

Surge Soccer Liberia appreciates God almighty for his gift of life and many opportunities he had given us to work for his kingdom purpose.

We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Surge International Board members and all others who contributed towards the growth and development of Surge Soccer Liberia throughout last year 2023.

This report summarizes all of our activities as it relates to the following programs and financial breakdown. 

  • Sammy Surge School Visitation
  • Surge Coaches Training
  • Surge Soccer Tournament
  • Surge Partner programs with other institutions
  • Sports Leadership School

During the course of the year (2023) it was agreed that we have an online meeting once every month between team Liberia (Darius & Amos) and Team USA (David & Allen).

This meeting is to help us give team USA update on what is happening in Liberia as it relates to our work and to also share ideas on how we can improve and to pray as a family as well.