March 2023 – Surge Update

HU + Bolivia + Vienna + Togo + Vienna + Liberia + Zambia

“Learn to do what is right. Promote justice. Give the oppressed reason to celebrate. Take up the cause of the orphan. Defend the rights of the
widow.” Isaiah 1:17

  • Amos is just returning to Liberia from a trip in Ivory Coast
  • February 14-16 (Dave) Huntington University (Indiana) to meet with Women’s Soccer Team, preparation for upcoming trip /Speak in classes with HU Women’s Coach David Lewis, Co-author of SPORTS MINISTRY.
  • February 19-26 (Al) Manos De Amor Orphanage, Bolivia. 9th trip from the US to see progress and provide encouragement.
  • February 24-March 2 (Dave) Tour set up trip to Vienna, Austria to meet with soccer and ministry contacts.
  • April 5-16 (Darius) Invited to Togo for celebration of training 800 Pastors, Children’s Workers and Volunteers in February and March. And to serve more than 15,000 children through KidsGames.
  • April 29-May 8 (Dave & Al) with Huntington University Women’s Soccer Team on a trip to Vienna, Austria.
  • July (TBD) (Al & Dave) to Liberia for followup, Biblical Training, Leadership/Coaches Training… two other leaders are praying about coming on the trip.
  • July 18-24 (Josh) Develop ministry model in Zambia with MASY Ministries.

“With the success of our Liberia project, we will be using the same teaching curriculum with the leaders there. We will be partnering with MASY ministries as they have a newly acquired 15 acres in a remote Zambian village. On this property, they will be building a church, school, hospital, and housing for many kids. They also have some preexisting soccer fields that many from the community use. They are looking to us to help them utilize these fields for sports ministry in order to reach their community for Jesus.” – Josh Westermann

Your prayers and financial support are always appreciated as we continue to connect and serve through the world’s sport of soccer.