Thanks to You, Surge Alumni Soar – Nate, Jorge & Josh / Merry Christmas

One has planted a church and written a book, another one was named Distinguished Citizen and the third developed a prison ministry in South Africa and is now preparing to help develop a ministry model in a small Zambian village.

Your prayers and gifts have helped us launch them into their own ministries in Austria, Indonesia and USA/Africa see more, with photos in attachment.

Merry Christmas,

PS- And you have helped us launch Surge Soccer Liberia this year

My first year in ministry I flew 60,000 miles. I was actually deathly afraid of flying . I remember
listening to Billy Graham sermons and Christian music on my portable cassette player as we prepared to take off. I don’t know how many miles I have flown but I do know that the message we bring is more important than the miles we fly. And with your prayers and contributions we will continue to get the simple message out across the world – a baby was born to bring hope, reconciliation and salvation to the world.

While I do have many miles to go before I am done sharing John 3:16, we are now focusing on the
messengers who will continue on long after I am gone. You might not realize your investment in us has led to a fresh set of new leaders who are equipped for the task. Three of our Cascade Surge alumni, Nathan Brewer, Jorge Marquez and Josh Westermann are examples. Nate was our first soccer player to Vienna, Austria. Besides playing on an Austrian team he and our colleagues ministered to the homeless and drug addicted and started Bible studies at nine coffee shops in Vienna. Nate had planned to be in Vienna for one year but has never left, setting up his own ministry – Kyrios Ministries, planted a church, written a book and is training ministry leaders in multiple countries.

After leaving our Surge team Jorge Marquez said, “I came to play soccer and left with a vision for
ministry.” Jorge was just voted “Mexicano Distinguido,” or distinguished Mexican. Only one expatriate Mexican citizen receives this award annually. He was recognized for his “social work” in Indonesia where his Free & Safe Indonesia Foundation conducts outreach that includes youth prison ministry. After leaving our Surge team Josh Westermann went on to play professional soccer in Kenya and to develop soccer ministry, and prison ministry in Pollsmor Prison in South Africa. Now back with Surge Josh is developing a new soccer ministry in a small Zambian village; part of a multi-faceted model that, Lord willing, over time will sweep across Africa.

And much to my surprise, but not the Lord’s, we launched Surge Soccer Liberia this year. Leaders are being trained in two countries in sports ministry; soccer coaches are learning whole life coaching; and we are reaching out to approximately 10,000 kids in Liberia through our school visitation program. Christ’s love motivates us, a soccer ball connects us, your prayers and donations power us.

Please consider a year end gift as we celebrate the message of hope, reconciliation and salvation.

Merry Christmas, Dave