Surge International Launch New Leadership Program in Liberia

We are pleased to announce our new Leadership Internship Program in Liberia. Set to launch in November the concept took shape on our most recent trip from the US to Liberia when Roberta Reed (our education specialist) spent time with Winnifred, one of our Surge Liberia volunteers.

Since our first trip to Liberia in February 2022 we have now made 4 trips to Liberia. Surge Soccer Liberia has been officially launched and we have grown from two Liberian staff members to a total of nine staff and volunteers.

With the median age in Liberia 18 it is a critical time to develop young leaders to help steer the course of the country. Our program will continue to instill Biblical values into young leaders and give them practical opportunities in leadership and outreach.

We have five young Liberians ready to take on the challenge, they just need your sponsorship! You can donate instantly here.

Please watch our first Liberian video below…and there is so much more including interview with our Liberian colleagues…and as always we appreciate your prayers!