Fire – Urgent need in Peru


We are humbled and so encouraged by the outpouring of response and giving concerning the needs of Marcos and his family in Peru. In just one day we exceeded our goal to help them rebuild their lives after the fire. Just a reminder that any excess will go towards the Shipibo Bible school project where Marcos is a student. Thank you all for your generosity and prayers. They are working on building two classrooms

Al & Lori Lotz

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Al in Peru teaching

Check out the video … I was teaching outside one day in the shade of trees because it was so hot. You can’t tell how hot it was in the video! We are teaching the first half of John’s gospel and will follow up with the second half in May.

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Al in Peru – November 2019

We love seeing “SURGE” show up. Al is currently in Peru teaching and was able to get a new stove for the school. Isn’t it great that it is “SURGE” brand!

Al’s August 2019 – Trip to Peru

So I’m sitting on a boat in the river port of Pucallpa waiting for departure on my 6-hour trip upriver to the town and pastor training school in Junin Pablo. It is a cool jungle morning and I’m sweating. You might think it’s a serene quiet morning in reference to this jungle river location but the quiet is shattered with all sorts of loading activity and raucous music (if you can call it that) blaring over the sound system. I try to tame this with headphones and my own music but the result may be going deaf early.

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Update from river boat in Peru on trip to Pucallpa

Al and Mike – a quick update from a river boat on trip to Pucallpa. Sunday they will officially open the Shipibo School of Theology in the jungle about 6 hours by boat from the tropical city of Pucallpa. View Video.

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Peru – first trip of 2018 for Al

I’m sitting here at the airport after some intense days of preparation for this trip to Peru. Sunday we will officially open the Shipibo school of theology in the jungle about 6 hours by boat from the tropical city of Pucallpa. The coursework will consist of one week of intense teaching four times a year for three years. I will begin the first section of an in depth study of the book of Genesis.

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January 2015 Peru Trip

Along with medical clinics the main focus of the week in the jungle was to continue a construction project for the new Bible school for training lay pastors.  Rain, mud, bugs, heat and humidity are good descriptive words for the days of work, but it was well worth the effort as this building is now ready for use.  There are some other projects still planned to be fully functional, like an attached kitchen area but it is great to see the progress.

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Report on Lotz Peru Trip

Lotz is in Peru for Medical Work, Construction and Soccer The first week of ministry in Peru was a success doing medical work in several communities along the rivers and ground preparation for a Bible school founded to train lay pastors in the remote jungle region. In spite of rain and mud the team was able to build  a bridge over a stream to provide access for future construction of buildings on the property.  The first construction will be dorm rooms and classrooms with the hope of opening the Bible …

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Back to Back Trips to Peru & Bolivia for Lotz

Surge VP Allen Lotz is heading back to his “roots”. Al grew up in Bolivia and will use his dual language skills, leadership experience in South America and soccer skills to support church planting, leadership development and to start a soccer camp ministry with the Stansberry orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (  Lotz says, “this is a dream come true, to be ministering back in Bolivia, using soccer and doing so with very dear Bolivian friends.”  The purpose is not only to minister directly but to teach others how soccer …

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Peru Update

Sr. VP, Al Lotz recently returned from a trip to the jungles of Peru where the team performed health and medical services, church construction and evangelism through soccer.  Al states that, “the trip was strenuous and tiring, but well worth the effort, especially after seeing the  impact we made.”  A number of people made professions of faith and it was a real encouragement and motivator for believers of several communities. Part of the purpose for the trip was to plan for future involvement in building a Bible School that will …

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January – New Surge Project to Peru

Al will be taking a trip to the jungles of Peru in conjunction with a church team to perform medical, construction and soccer projects.  Although it is a planning trip for a more extensive team later in the year, hands on work will still be accomplished.  The soccer connection is a first for this team, but could lead to an on-going ministry.  Assisting peruvian pastor Carlos, who leads a local congregation and also administers the church school is a primary purpose behind this effort.  The church is located on the …

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