Fire – Urgent need in Peru


We are humbled and so encouraged by the outpouring of response and giving concerning the needs of Marcos and his family in Peru. In just one day we exceeded our goal to help them rebuild their lives after the fire. Just a reminder that any excess will go towards the Shipibo Bible school project where Marcos is a student. Thank you all for your generosity and prayers. They are working on building two classrooms

Al & Lori Lotz

Family & Friends,

We learned of a need yesterday and wanted to make it known to you so you could help financially if you want to, but also so that you might pray for this family.

You all know that Al teaches the Shipibo people in Peru several times a year. One of his students, Marcos, his wife and six children lost their home and all their belongings in a house fire the other day.Apparently a battery being charged by a solar panel [possibly overcharged] blew up. Our understanding is that they lost everything. We will be wiring them some money to help them start over and if you feel led to help, please let us know. You could send us the money directly, or through Surge (please designate PERU PROJECT so it doesn’t go into our account) for tax-deduction and we will get it to them. But please let us know either way if you do give, so we can send ASAP to them (it will take several days as is).

Many of you have already been so generous to us to keep us going and we understand these are difficult days worldwide, and not everyone has the funds to be able to share. We are also so grateful for many of you who have already been so generous to us and we hesitate to ask for more. If you cannot help extra that is totally understandable but would you please pray for this family? Housing is much less expensive in their situation but we believe that they will have to rebuild and also refurnish all or most of their belongings. We are hoping to raise as much as $2000.00 which seems little on our standards but would do wonders to get them going again. Also, if we happen to raise more than this amount, the excess will go towards the Peru teaching and classroom construction project. As we have mentioned previously, Al has been working on lessons for when he is able to get back there.

Thank you,

Al & Lori Lotz