Back to Back Trips to Peru & Bolivia for Lotz

patio flagSurge VP Allen Lotz is heading back to his “roots”. Al grew up in Bolivia and will use his dual language skills, leadership experience in South America and soccer skills to support church planting, leadership development and to start a soccer camp ministry with the Stansberry orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (  Lotz says, “this is a dream come true, to be ministering back in Bolivia, using soccer and doing so with very dear Bolivian friends.”  The purpose is not only to minister directly but to teach others how soccer can be a great tool for churches and organizations to reach their own communities.  We hope this may be the start of on on-going partnership in the future.

DSCN2965Previous to this trip Lotz will also be in Peru in a cooperative effort to plant churches among indigenous people in the jungles of Peru.  This trip, however, will be limited to the eastern side of Peru rather than the jungle as this is where the partner church and Christian school is involved.  The plan is to reinforce this relationship, by doing some medical and soccer related ministry in the community around the church.  Meanwhile, the work in the jungle continues with development and construction on property designated for a Bible school for training of lay pastors from the jungle region.

DSCN3096Lotz will also be meeting with another missionary friend, Julio, to further develop a partnership to host youth soccer and discipleship camps in at least three different locations in Peru—again with a focus on supporting indigenous church planting.