Peru Update

Peru trip Sr. VP, Al Lotz recently returned from a trip to the jungles of Peru where the team performed health and medical services, church construction and evangelism through soccer.  Al states that, “the trip was strenuous and tiring, but well worth the effort, especially after seeing the  impact we made.”  A number of people made professions of faith and it was a real encouragement and motivator for believers of several communities.

Sunday scool in PeruPart of the purpose for the trip was to plan for future involvement in building a Bible School that will serve lay pastors from the region, bringing the body of Christ together in unity from different denominational backgrounds.  Cooperation and collaboration will also pay dividends in solving some challenges in business and cultivation efforts that are particular challenges to the region.


peru soccerAlso in the works, is another partnership with Peruvian brother Julio who is involved in assisting another group of indigenous people where there exist at least 2000 communities in rustic and primitive settings.  Besides attempting to bring health education, he has a vision to train and equip leaders to reach their own people.  Surge is already being a catalyst for this work through making connections to good resources but we also have hopes of partnering directly, using soccer to reach young people in at least three strategic places in Peru.

Al in Peru “Bringing hope through soccer” may be realized to a fuller extent, when these young people are trained in leadership principles to lead the next generation.