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Surge & Houghton Mission Team Update – May 17

We were able to get in free to watch the last 20 minutes or so of the soccer game in the Călăraşi stadium. Interestingly enough this is where the Houghton soccer team painted curbs two years ago on the previous trip. You can see some of the curb in the picture. The home team recently promoted to first division won this match 2-0. Needless to say we are having fun!

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Soccer Match – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

Houghton College Women’s Soccer Team in Chiselet, Romania enjoying a friendly match with the kids.

Both teams after the game

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Yard Work – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

The Houghton Mission Team continues activities with some work.

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Activities from the day – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

Check out some of the activities from the day. Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania.
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Houghton College in Chiselet Romania

Enjoying the kids at a church plant in the village Chiselet. I was told that 80% of these kids are on their own as parents are absent or working away – in some cases in other countries. The only meal some will get is what the church offers. Several made professions of faith as a result of the girls program of song, skit and life stories.

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Houghton Mission Team & Surge Soccer – Hope Center in Calarasi

Arrived crazy tired with jet lag in Romania and stopped at mall to get lunch (KFC)

Arrived at Hope Center in Calarasi. Even though we were jet lagged we had a delicious supper and an hour of games with the kids from the community. We will be back here all day on Tuesday with the girls ending with “girls night”. The men will be leaving to meet with OH team leaders and Nicki Cruz staff.

Playing games with the community kids at Hope Center

Surge Update – David Irby to Salzburg

David Irby will be in Salzburg, Austria May 17-24 as we kickoff our “World Cup” themed refugee soccer league with six teams … and with our women’s team, that is touring from New York!​

Undefeated – a short book by David Irby

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Just 28 pages – Three famous soccer players, one famous team; their stories of adversity, even tragedy that led to hope. Each story accompanied by a “life lesson” from the best selling book of all time – The Bible. A powerful gift for your soccer/football friends and colleagues or anyone who needs some inspiration.

Check out Undefeated.

Charity Soccer Match For Orphans In Mexico A Success!

It was supposed to be a a one day soccer event for the orphans but Susie Irby, wife of Surge Founder Dave Irby saw so many needs that day in Tecate, Mexico that a week later she hopped into her car, strapped Nathan in his infant car seat, loaded up the car with groceries and headed back to Mexico; thus beginning what has amounted to a 24 year (and counting) endearing partnership with the Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage.

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Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico

Lost Boys. (And now Girls too!)

As families who live in Mexico and Central America move northward in search of an escape from poverty, some children – many of them boys – are abandoned by their families. Other children are removed from their homes by Mexican government officials for their own safety. Finally, there are children who are truly orphaned: both of their parents are deceased. Although some separations between children and parents are temporary, some are permanent. Regardless, many Hispanic and Latino children are in need of shelter. Organized over twenty-four years ago, the Rancho San Juan Bosco (RSJB) orphanage sits on approximately three acres of land on the western edge of Tecate, Mexico. (Tecate is located on the U.S./Mexico border.) RSJB was established for boys, but now also host girls. RSJB can accommodate up to forty children ranging from ages four to seventeen. Expansion plans are
underway to increase their capacity to eighty children, including infants.

Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage (Tecate, Mexico) is:

  • Run by a director and staff members dedicated to helping abandoned and abused children in Tecate. Used to
    rehabilitate street children and reunite them with any existing family members or a new family.
  • Providing Christ-centered stability in the lives of children by teaching them about the love of a heavenly father who will never abandon them.
  • Providing educational and life-skills opportunities.
  • Occupying a vision for expanding this project to include more children as the budget provides.


RSJB is not supported by the Mexican government nor is it affiliated with any national denomination or church group. Therefore, RSJB is completely dependent upon the generosity of others, both locally and in the U.S., to sustain the lives of these children.

Surge Soccer wants you and/or your group to help!

Surge International’s involvement began in 1995 when Dave Irby was speaking at a mission conference in Temecula, CA. He was invited to conduct a soccer clinic for the orphanage. After one clinic Susie Irby began spearheading a monthly trip to bring food and supplies. Surge’s main goal has always been to invite others to catch the vision and help on a one-time or regular basis.

Getting to know our Board Members – Likius Hafeni

Likius Hafeni joined the Surge International Board in the Spring of 2018. He is from Mariental, Namibia. When I was in middle school a group of young people
from Youth for Christ, Namibia came to our school and taught us about Christ. Read More

Houghton Women Soccer Players to Romania and Austria

Three years ago Surge enjoyed a trip with Houghton women soccer players as part of a missions class. Half of the trip was with Outstretched Hands of Romania and the other half with our work in Austria with the refugees. Once again I have the privilege of leading the mission class group for a repeat trip. In Romania we will be engaging with many children from orphanages and communities where poverty is an obstacle but where Open Hands is present and meeting many needs.

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Surge Training Events – Soccer Clinics with Mike Tobie

Check out the local opportunities in Sacramento, CA for high-level soccer training with Mike Tobie! Check the Training Session details.  Read More

May is a big month for Surge

May is a Big Month- From orphans in Mexico; to kids in Romania and refugees in Austria. You can follow what is going on Facebook & here on our website.

Update from Board of Directors

Surge International (SurgeSoccer) is pleased to announce the addition of two new board members: Doug DeVries (Bellingham, WA) and Coach Likius Hafeni (Salem, OR). Doug brings his expertise in web development & business development to the team. Likius, the Women’s Coach at Corban University, brings his soccer ministry expertise gained in his home country – Namibia and in Salem. Read More

Board member Doug visits Kenya

Doug, a new member of the Surge Soccer Board of Directors, just returned from 2 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya. He participated on a trip with ShareWord Global on a team 24 people from across Canada. The bonus of the trip was it included his dad and two brothers. Each day they connected with local pastors and visited with people in the communities. We were able to share God’s Word in the form of the “HOPE” magazine. The magazine includes 2 books of the Bible (Psalms and Book of John) and features beautiful pictures of Kenya. Read More

News from Austria Today

⚽ is just our way to encourage others…Great news from Austria today! Bree received her one year Visa! Isaiah 1:17.