Updates on an intern, Massa, BBS2, and Ollie

Winifred, one of the Liberia Christian Leadership interns, is such an exciting story to watch as God writes across her life. She is the one intern who has a mentor/sponsor, and she is growing, using the skills she has learned through Surge Soccer, and applying them to the pursuit of the goal God has placed on her heart-opening a pregnancy center in Monrovia, Liberia. Here are a few excerpts from her latest communication with her sponsor/mentor:

Thanks for always supporting me in this journey I have started for the future mummy. I have learned how to engage and plan well, I learned how to be effective, patient in anything I want to do.

I also learned how to be confident and believe in God and myself for anything I wanted to do because when I first started I never knew how to go about all of this.
I learned how to stand before students and staff and say a few words to them about health issues and some preventive measures for a healthy life.
For the next few months I want to volunteer at a clinic but I’m still talking with the clinic Administrator to accept me. So I need your prayer to be accepted.

Winifred has learned much through her experiences with Surge Soccer Liberia (where she continues to work). She hopes to go to Ghana in October/November for a two month course at Potter’s House to advance her effectiveness for Jesus. So far, there is no money for this, but God who is working in her life may provide the missing funds.

Massa-Massa is currently in Ghana under a doctor’s care. She does have cancer. She had a younger sister who died of breast cancer. At this time, her cancer has not metastasized (thank you, God!), but it is a fast growing cancer. July 1 she will return to Liberia to be with her 8 month old baby and 4 year old son. She will have surgery and chemotherapy in Liberia where she can be supported by family, then if needed and God willing she will return to Ghana for radiation (not available in Liberia). Estimated length of treatment is one year, six months. Of the $5000 raised through GiveSendGo, $2000 remains. This will be used for the surgery and the first chemotherapy. Beyond that we trust God to provide.

Beautiful Beginnings School 2 is scheduled to open in September, 2024, in Monrovia. It is also the site of ELITE Teacher Education. In preparation for both Beautiful Beginnings School’s new school year, the Principal Leadership Group is studying Robert Marzano’s The Art and Science of Teaching, a strong instructional text.

On a personal note, please keep Ollie White in your prayers. On Sunday morning, June 23, at 1:00 AM, her house was hit by lightning. The strike started a fire which gutted the house. She and her disabled mother were able to get out of the house. In her words, “All is well. No life loss. Still have a roof over our heads. God is gracious and kind.” In another act of kindness, God brought rain that kept the entire structure from being consumed.
God is doing a great work in Liberia. Aren’t we fortunate to be a part of it?

Roberta Reed