Summer 2021 Update from Irby

Dear Friends,

The pain in my ribs has persisted since the accident. After having x-rays twice and nothing showing up, my doctor ordered a CAT scan. The results showed a partially healed fractured rib.

As most of you know healing of rib injuries just takes time. And though activity can be still painful over three months later, at least I know what happened.

With the new information about my rib injury, I feel better that the trip to LIBERIA fell through. At the same time, we discovered the internet isn’t strong enough for coaches to take online training. Please pray for us as we attempt to use email and WhatsApp to train soccer coaches there.

At bit of good news is that Josh Westermann has been able to train three soccer coaches in HAITI in sports ministry/coaching – and that will lead to more coaches being trained in evangelism and discipleship. In addition, the the refugee ministry in Portland has restarted and he and his Warner Pacific Women’s Soccer team are beginning to minister again.

Your prayers are appreciated as our communication has hit a snag for continuing the projects I have been working on in Zambia. Hours of work has been done and I hope and pray we can resume the project that could help train many pastors and coaches in multiple countries.

After six weeks of waiting, instead of three, Human Kinetics sent back their comments on the first four chapters of the SPORTS MINISTRY textbook they hired us to write. We will continue “at a mad dash” to work on the book. Please pray that this book will be well received my Christian Universities across the US.

Likius, Sammy Surge and Ralph are heading to camp. Likius is once again representing us at multiple evangelistic church soccer camps. Sammy Surge and his twin brother Ralph and I are heading to the Beaverton Four Square Soccer Camp in Beaverton, OR that I helped design ten years ago. We anticipate many children, from many different backgrounds, cultures and languages will attend these camps. In Beaverton over 40 languages are spoken. A real opportunity for outreach into the refugee community. At you can be blessed by
Sammy’s Life Principles. Thank you for your prayers and financial support that helps us bless many, around the world!

Recent devotional I wrote:

The Long Wait is Over – Austria Wins in Euro 2020!

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces
endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,”
– Romans 5:3-4

Along with millions of others I paused and prayed for Danish midfielder Christian Erikson when he collapsed on the field in Denmark’s opening match of EURO 2020. The following day we found out that Erikson was “stabilized” and resting comfortably in the hospital; so along with other long suffering Austrian fans I jumped for joy when Austria defeated Northern Macedonia 3-1. It was Austria’s first win in a major tournament in thirty-one years.

I was in the stadium when Austria won for that last time thirty-one years ago. It was a 1990 World Cup match vs. USA. Held in Italy, Austria prevailed 2-1. At that time none of us could have imagined that we would have to wait and suffer for so long to see our next Austrian victory.
The Bible is clear that we will experience times of waiting and times of suffering. The woman who was stooped over and couldn’t raise herself waited eighteen years before Jesus healed her (Luke 13:10-13). Abraham and Sarah waited twenty-five years for a son (Genesis 12:4, 21:5).
The invalid man at the pool of Bethesda had been waiting 38 years for a miracle (John 5:5-8).

What about you? Are you currently in a “waiting period” in your life? Waiting and hoping a marriage or relationship will be restored? For a future spouse? Answers for directions, guidance, or purpose? A promotion? A healing? Please take comfort in the Bible and its wisdom to guide you in times of waiting and suffering:

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and
endurance produces character, and character produces hope,”

– David Irby, Founder,