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Soccer Training


Professional Private Soccer Training
with Global Ambassador Mike Tobie.

Meet Mike Tobie! Mike is one of the new generation of Surge Global Ambassadors. From his first trip with Surge to Burundi, then on to Bolivia, Austria and Peru, Mike is using his professional soccer experience to impact lives for Christ around the world. Based currently in Sacramento, California, Mike is not only training young soccer players but is also attracting attention to our various ministries and in particular our Surge Global Ambassador team. We are pleased to have Mike and Kelly Tobie as part of our team.  Mike’s soccer coaching and Kelly’s nursing skills are invaluable as they help us serve around the world.
Mike offers private and small group training transforming players into confident, skilled leaders on and off the field.

Mike’s Bio

  • 1st team All-American Collegiate player
  • 2012 MLS Draft Selection- San Jose Earthquakes
  • 2 years playing in Europe (Sweden)
  • 1 year MASL (USA)
  • Private coach 5+ years
  • Assistant Coach Folsom Lake College

Private/Small Group Training

These sessions are designed for each player/group according to their skill level and ability. The primary focus is technical development, while fostering a professional environment. We will work with each player to enhance their strengths, build on weaknesses, and increase their ability and confidence on the ball.

Training Philosophy

The greatest athletes play with their mind, and with their hearts. We create an environment that encourages our players to play with passion and intelligence. By breaking bad habits, implementing proper technique and instilling the importance of work ethic, discipline, commitment and a desire to grow, our players are transformed into confident, skilled leaders on and off the field.


We will be offering large camps and smaller, position specific functional clinics for players looking to improve specific aspects of their game.


Individual: $60/hour
2 on 1: $40/hour (per player)
3 or more: $30/hour (per player)
Secure Training Session Payments