Mongolia – Surge Soccer Leadership Academy

Surge Soccer Leadership Academy

At the request of a church planting family we are assisting efforts to use soccer to build friendly relationships in Mongolia.  Dugeree shares an amazing testimony of how he was rescued from alcoholism, trained and then challenged to plant churches in his home country.  His passion to help young people led him to find an alternative from alcohol to sport activities.  Due to his loss of limb from an industrial accident, he decided to kick a soccer ball with kids on the street.  Loving the attention, the kids responded favorably and now several have returned to help him after gaining university degrees in education and sport careers. His vision includes planting 12 churches within the province.  He says “soccer is the key to building relationships” with the youth.

mongolia girl2IMG_2246Our 2012 trip focused on a seminar to train soccer coaches in Baruun Urt. It was well received and they invited us to return for more assistance  In September, 2014 we were finally able to return to host a soccer camp for the kids. With coach Nathean, a group of local teachers and Priskilla, a visiting German soccer player we were able to put on a quality camp. One day, we were overwhelmed with 103 energized children so you can imagine the fun we had! Click on this video clip to see what I’m talking about. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for soccer and it was very rewarding to share with them the “divine principles” that can serve to shape life. Expectations include yet at least one more trip to assist this work. Would you like to help?

[box color=”green” align=”center”]”One of the highlights for me was sharing teaching and leadership principles with the Mongolian teachers and coaches.  They were like sponges, soaking up the teaching! ~Al[/box]

Soccer Gear Donated

Along with a great camp, soccer gear was donated to assist the development of the club and also soccer boots for the kids that are not able to purchase them.  Many thanks to Nathean who raised funds and gear to donate. Please visit his Facebook page “Soccer 4 Mongolia” for more details.  And we welcome more participation to provide kids around the world the resources to play this the beautiful game as they develop healthy bodies. Click on the “donate now” button above and also see our “Kones for Kids” program yet under development.

See an old world through new eyes!

Mongolians are friendly, industrious  and hospitable. Sparsely populated, their nation is a vast expanse of countryside including grassland, mountains and desert.  The towns are far and few between and the historical dwelling, the yurt are seen in the middle of nowhere and often with no neighbors in sight. For a genuine taste of cultural, sample their homemade horse-milk beer!