Liberia Interns – April 2024 Update

Our interns in Liberia are amazing and could use your support. Find out how.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill (1874-1965) United Kingdom Prime Minister

Intern Updates

ntern Update for April

Winifred Gaye-Positives: Engaged in a 15 country tournament focusing with the local teams on Sammy Surge guidelines of fair play.

Continuing to introduce the fair play program to other teams

Would like to continue to develop:

basic computer skills

preparing to learn more to support my future vision to work with young women

strength and perseverance during challenging times


continuing to recover from malaria

Alex getting back into school – need money for fees

deciding to take training through Potter’s House and finding a sponsor to support a program.

Lucinta Toe


helping to facilitate the work with Surge Soccer adults

learning to work with children

My own learning and being able to make my rent payments

Would like to continue to develop leadership skills to impact others


strength and perseverance to continue God’s work

Lawraina Jahlah-”In April I was able to meet up with new children and share the good news of Jesus in a different school, to impact them and teach them the principles of Sammy Surge. By the grace of God, my work and time with Sammy Surge school visitations has been going well, also my school. Some personal skills and strengths I am developing are: I am able to talk and teach children without fear. I am able to endure no matter the circumstances or situations. I would like you to pray for me, concerning my sponsor, so that my vision can come to pass.” 

-Lawraina is also struggling with challenging university classes.

Lovetèe Moore-”I am okay and by the grace of God I’m well. By the special grace of God  the internship at Beautiful Beginnings School of Excellence is very wonderful and I am  learning  more new things everyday. I have  gotten on the computer  now. In the month of April we visited  several schools. I want you to pray that God’s grace  will be with me in everything  I do. I pray that God will continue to strengthen you and the team.” 

-Lovetèe plans to write her next communication on a computer at Beautiful Beginnings rather than her phone, and include more details.

Dudu Smith-”The internship for me went well, because we visited two other schools and they responded positively to us. I was able to introduce Surge Soccer Liberia along with Sammy Surge to the County Sports Meet of Liberia, the biggest sport event in Liberia. I would like for you to pray for me, so that God can give me a long life, and good health so that I can continue to impact children’s lives through Surge Soccer Liberia,and pray for me to have good sponsors to help me forward my education.”

-Dudu was overcome by heat while wearing Sammy Surge at the County Sports Meet. 

(I have also attached this information as a word document for easier reference as we move forward.)

I shared Massa Queque’s medical diagnosis when we spoke. God has provided some of the funds she will need in her fight against cancer. I will keep the link open till the end of next week, and then transfer the money to Liberia. Thank you to the Board members who have sent donations to help Massa.