John Strauch

John Strauch has been working in the field of multimedia production since before there was ‘multimedia’. At the age of 16 he started his first photography business and hasn’t stopped developing since. With beginnings in photography, then in videography, and then graphic design, John Strauch has worked in a unique and diverse marketplace, as well as having an equally diverse skillset that has gotten him real work with, and around, some very impressive clients, customers and consumers.

Now, as owner and president of Mid-Valley Media, Inc., John serves his clients in production, sales, service, and training so that anyone who wants to use the newest and most advanced ways of communicating their message to a global audience… they can.

John has been working in the Surge Soccer community for as many years as they have existed. He started by producing and directing all of the Surge Soccer home games for television in the U.S., both locally and nationally. Having once served on the board of directors, now serves on the advisory board, wanting to help where he can, as he can, because he can.