Al & Lori’s Update – March 9, 2022

Thank you for praying for the trip to Liberia. In the days leading up, there were times we weren’t sure it would actually
take place. Some of the flights were cancelled, including the day of. Dave didn’t find out until he had already gotten to the
airport on the 17th, but it all got re-routed and both ended up starting (again) on the 20th. Everything went smoothly after that
including all the Covid tests.

Dave and Al were able to train 61 coaches for a couple of very full days. The coaches seemed to very much appreciate
the information and practice that included a testimony of our faith. We ended up meeting some high-up government and
federation officials including a dinner with the chief security officer. We were able to give a certificate for course completion
from the United Soccer Coaches Association and that too was well received. But it wasn’t all soccer… We also visited two
schools to see the educational and facility needs hoping that a report representing these Christian schools would generate
some interest in supporting their efforts. Ollie is the founder of Beautiful Beginnings School and was our main educational
contact. She took us to visit the Vice Minister of Education and several of his colleagues, which has huge ramifications for
potential future involvement. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was meeting Amos and Darius who are already fully invested in
sport ministry. We were able to give a day of training in sport ministry to a group they gathered that included a good number
of pastors from various churches. Amos and Darius want to register the “Surge” name as an NGO in Liberia to assist the
momentum they are building in sport ministry. We usually do not push this sort of thing but felt that if it helps their vision and
responsibility serving God through sport it is well worth it. We look forward to future opportunities to participate with them and
with Ollie. Please pray that God would give us direction and raise up resources to help them.

Upcoming Travel:
March 11-17 New York
March 30 – April 4 Southern California (mission Sunday in Glendora)
April 4-7 Oregon
April 14-18 Chicago

Please be praying that Al will FINALLY be able to get back to Peru in June for 2 weeks of teaching the Shipibo people.
Thank you for your interest and involvement,

Al & Lori