26 years ago

26 years ago I took the Seahorse Soccer Team (www.seahorsesoccer.com) to visit the boys orphanage in Tecate, Mexico – Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage. It was supposed to be a “one time event.”

Even as I moved on and founded Surge International/Surge Soccer and taken the the message of – sharing hope through soccer – across the globe, including to: the war torn countries of Uganda, Sudan and Burundi and to the refugees who have flooded into Austria and Germany – the Seahorse team and Surge have continued to service the orphans, which now include both boys and girls.

From special Christmas events, to work projects, bringing soccer teams and church groups.

Our “Seasoned Citizens” soccer matches have been a highlight of our fundraising efforts.

Just think, a one day soccer clinic turned into a 26 year project of loving and caring for orphans.

Thank you for participating and for the efforts of Steve and Bruce and Dave W to play the game in San Diego.