SOS Soccer

SOS Soccer refers to our work with children around the world. The goal is to partner with churches, schools, teams, and organizations to get soccer gear to children that do not have the basic equipment or work with schools to help motivate students through the game of soccer. Some projects are used to help victims of trauma caused by war and poverty. Surge International staff partner with local churches for these projects in their area.

Special Events with our fox mascot Sammy Surge

  •  Vacation Bible School
  • School Assemblies programs
  • Kids events, special ceremonies

Schools, churches, orphanages and other groups are sending out a distress signal for help. It is our goal at Surge International to meet the needs of those asking for help. Over the years, SOS Soccer has partnered with churches, teams and organizations to get soccer gear to children that do not have the basic equipment.

Our staff conduct motivational assemblies and establish after school programs using soccer to motivate students with their school work.

Whatever your needs are Surge International will work with you to help meet those critical needs.

Below are a few of the SOS calls we have received.

Salem, Oregon / Portland, Oregon

When gangs began targeting third graders to be couriers from her elementary school the principal of the school knew it was time to send an SOS to Surge International. Likius Hafeni, a UEFA B Licensed Coach from Namibia, was brought to Salem to institute an after-school soccer program at the school (with the Salem Leadership Foundation) that also features a four-week summer soccer camp at nearby Calvary Chapel. (Over 250 children have participated.) And Surge has also helped develop another soccer camp with Beaverton Four Square Church in Portland, Oregon

Phristina, Kosovo

Not longer in the news since they gained their independence Kosovo still remains a troubled spot. A weak central government, plagued by over 40% unemployed and hostilities still with Serbia, Relindje FC sent out an SOS to the Surg’es Vienna, Austria office. Traveling by bus, up to 18 hours each way our Vienna Surge staff makes an annual trip to visit Kosovo. This year alone we have delivered over 9.000 Euros worth of Nike soccer balls and cleats, compliments of one of the most famous professional teams in Austria (FK Austria Wien). Soccer clinics and tournaments are organized each year in April and each participant hears the good news.

Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage, Tecate, Mexico

In 1993 a worker from an adoption agency asked if we could bring our team to visit the Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. We have made over 45 visits to the orphanages, enlisted other groups to help, raised funds through charity soccer matches and a Halloween House AND over 1,300 orphans have experienced Christian love from the amazing couple and staff who run the orphanage.

Central Asia

When an International Aid Director came back from his donkey ride high into the mountains of a Central Asian nation, he said this: After explaining to the fifty tribal leaders how we could create jobs for their unemployed men, he asked if they had any questions? They said “Only one, can you bring us soccer uniforms and soccer balls so we can start a soccer league because you know what happens when our young men have nothing to do…”