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Austria and Refugees

AUSTRIA is home for the Global Player Initiative and is also Surge’s “virtual” international office for European projects. Surge Europe Director, Danny Panton, of Salzburg, is leading the exciting new chapter with refugees. Danny works with refugees all across Austria and has teamed up with a few key locals in Salzburg that bring expertise and access for engaging in a variety of ways. Together they are organizing regular practices and games amongst the refugees. Our current project is developing a soccer league and tournament for refugees, as well as programs for children and women.

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Project Contact Information:

Surge International Office:
David Irby
Founder, Surge International
Salem, Oregon USA

Surge European Office:
Danny Panton:

Coats 4 Refugees

coats-1Another key project for Surge International is our Coats 4 Refugees drive. We are raising funds and collecting  Winter Coats so the refugees can better weather the Austrian cold. When a local store in Salzburg heard of the project they have offered a discount making any donation go that much further. Hopefully our collective donations will permit our team to invite refugees personally to the store to  pick out their coat of choice.
We believe that the wintercoats-2-copypersonal touch of love through this gift will establish long lasting relationships with the refugees and break down barriers to hear the truth. This effort could become a model for other organizations to follow making a huge impact on the refugee crisis in Europe and around the globe. Do not miss this opportunity to make a lasting difference for peace and hope in our world!

Surge staff partner with local churches for fellowship, discipleship, and  outreach and have over the years participated in a number of ministries including: organizing youth soccer/sports camps; park outreach; Starbucks Bible studies; sharing Christ with university students; helping the homeless; after school programs;  “Mending the Soul”, a ministry to abused women; and short term mission trips to surrounding European countries and Africa.  Several of these ministries are on-going like the SBUX fellowship below.



Austria is an amazing country of diversity and beauty with much history, culture and fine cuisine.  But with this mix there are also plenty of opportunity to minister love and care to many people from many walks of life. Most of our opportunity to help come from the two main cities of Salzburg and Vienna, but of course are not limited to them.



img_0142Over a million refugees passed through the city of Salzburg last year and many are still waiting for papers and placement to find a more normal life and employment.  Some may see the breathtaking beauty of Salzburg as the home of the “Sound of Music”  and may recognize certain locations like this one as a site for the filming.   Most Austrians, however, do not make this connection but nevertheless it is certainly a beautiful land of castles, businesses and homes and a wonderful way of life.  It is also the home of Red Bull, which among other things has an impact in the soccer world.


If you like architecture and history you will love Vienna. Known as the gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, Vienna is rated as one of the most livable cities in the world. As a conglomerate of language and culture you will enjoy a complete spectrum of cuisine, art, business and sport  in a modern urban setting with roots of antiquity. Certainly, Vienna is a great place to visit and boasts a great tourist trade with many scenic sites and cultural events.