Austria and Refugees

AUSTRIA is a wonderful country where we have worked for over thirty years. Throughout the years we have supported many Austrian ministries through our soccer ministry projects. Our most current project has been developing soccer leagues, tournaments, and events for refugees, as well as programs for children and women.

Watch 2-minute Refugee Video

Coats 4 Refugees

Another key project for Surge International has been our Coats 4 Refugees drive. We raised funds and collected winter coats so the refugees could deal with the cold Austrian winters.

When a local store in Salzburg heard of the project, they offered a discount making any donation go that much further. Our collective donations permitted our team to invite refugees personally to the store to pick out their coat of choice.

We believe that the personal touch of love through the “gift of soccer and coats” will establish long-lasting relationships with the refugees and break down barriers to sharing God’s love. This effort could become a model for other organizations to follow making a huge impact on the refugee crisis in Europe and around the globe. Do not miss this opportunity to make a lasting difference for peace and hope in our world – using soccer, winter coats, and so much more.

To accomplish our goals Surge Soccer partners with local churches and other ministries for fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.

Over the years we have participated in a number of ministries including organizing youth soccer/sports camps; park outreach; Bible studies; sharing Christ with university students; helping the homeless; after school programs; special school events featuring our fox mascot Sammy Surge;  “Mending the Soul”, a ministry to abused women; and short term mission trips to surrounding European countries and Africa.


Surge Soccer continues to have a worldwide impact through strategic projects and partnerships.