Ukraine? Are you kidding?

2013-10-07 12.06.02 No joke, Surge Senior VP Lotz is headed to Ukraine on August 19.  The original plan was a joint team effort where some would do needed construction of a retirement facility for the church folks while others do a soccer camp with the young people.

With the tragedy of the airplane accident and the civil unrest in Eastern Ukraine the trip came into question.  Those doing the construction, decided to postpone for a more favorable time with the hope of gaining a larger crew for the task.


IMG_0935Together, we felt the soccer effort should move forward since the dates were set to coincide with school vacation.  To postpone would  mean that the students would be in school and only a handful of teenage students would be able to attend the camp.  Al and his daughter Kelly after conferring with the church there and the team here decided to mover forward with the effort.   Please pray for traveling mercies and safety on this trip.

“I wonder how many of these young men might end up in the military  in the near future, and I can’t imagine them being called up to an active conflict without hearing of the hope of life  in Christ Jesus. I feel my risk is minimal compared to the danger one faces of a Christless eternity.”  —Al Lotz

IMG_0936Would you make it a matter of prayer that God will prepare hearts to hear the message of love and that this would be a very real encouragement to the church hosting us?  This church is already active in many ways helping people in need in many different ways.  Last year we left some balls for the soccer outreach the church sustains, but they requested more assistance in soccer technique and strategy.  Al hopes to provide some quality training practices that they can continue to use in developing the ministry.  Again, Surge will donate some needed soccer balls for the program.  Unfortunately they could also use soccer gear and equipment as well as better field facilities, that we are not able to provide at this time.  Maybe next year? We need your help!