The Bolivia Connection

stansberrry kidsSenior VP, Al Lotz’s recent return trip to childhood home in Bolivia proved profitable.  Part of the goal was to minister directly to the staff and children at the Stansberry Orphanage (

Bolivia, girls train

Bolivia, new socks & shirt









Lotz states, “It was really cool seeing the children’s faces light up, when they received their new shirt, socks and cleats. What a privilege to share with them in this way!”  The team really connected with the kids and both we and they were sorry to part ways.  On the final night we celebrated with a birthday party  and “despedida” (goodbye party).  You will notice that one of the games was a race to dress with some funny costumes!Bolivia, cleats & socks



Bolivia, costumes









Bolivia, cuernaAnother couple days of outreach was accomplished at a cross-cultural church planting training center, when young men from the neighborhood were invited in for soccer training.  The good news was shared with people that may not normally step foot in church.

Bolivia, passing











Another purpose for the trip was to discover if there is a felt need for this kind of ministry.  The answer is a definite YES, and with more potential ministry than we can currently handle.  We hope to follow up some great leads with a trip planned for second half of July 2014.  Want to come along and participate with this great opportunity?  It is about making friends and touching lives! Please contact us for more information.Bolivia, friends