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Manchester United Next / Surgery / Salzburg / Orphans

An estimated 900 million viewers in 179 countries will view the upcoming Manchester United vs Manchester City English Premier League match. Surge founder Dave Irby will be at Old Trafford as the guest of longtime Man U Chaplain and Surge Advisory Board member, The Rev. John Boyers. (April 21-26)

Sadly Surge mascot Sammy Surge will not make the trek this time as he is having eye, leg and feet surgery at Kincaid Karacters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sammy and Dave head back to Salzburg for 8 school events and to spend time in the soccer and refugee communities. (May 6-14)

Surge Old Timers and guests will be in Tecate, Mexico May 25th for their annual Orphanage Charity Match. Money raised this time will go towards developing three apartments for the orphanage to rent out – for some sustainable income.

Bringing hope through soccer…new soccer academy and medical clinic in Uganda; Korea, Peru, Bolivia and more, next time.