“Shouldn’t you be retired?”

Dear Friends,

It is forty-nine days and counting since a young man ran a stop sign, without slowing down, causing our violent crash that totaled Mitch’s Prius. Mitch and I had driven to his home in Nevada after we had participated in the Orphanage Charity Match in San Diego (we were the photographers). We were resting up before heading to Oklahoma City to visit the soccer teams at Mid-America Christian University. This was my first ministry trip since Covid hit!

In addition to still not being able to lay on my stomach or back or roll over, every project I am working on is going very slowing. I missed the evangelistic festival in Livingstone, Zambia and the internet is making it difficult to launch our Zoom coaches’ and pastors’ training in Africa.

I supposed one funny event was my interview on Sports Radio Liberia. It took three hours to finally get our internet connect working and the internet went down before the end of our time. But the funny part, to me, was when the host asked:

“Why are you doing this”, referring to starting a new project in Liberia, “Shouldn’t you be retired?”

I would say that I am rejoicing in the hope that only Christ can bring, I am learning to be patient in my own tribulations and learning to be in constant in prayer – And I AM NOT DONE YET!

I have been invited to travel to Liberia in mid-July. Thank you for praying for healing for all of us in the accident; that I can get on a plane to Liberia so we can meet in person coaches, pastors, educators, and government officials. Through One Goal Liberia and Marc Randall (CNET) in Zambia we have unprecedented opportunities for evangelism, discipleship and leadership training and open doors to support the education of children.

Serving through soccer, Dave

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