September 21, 2022 – Al’s Trip to Peru

Thank you for praying for Al and his recent trip to Peru. It was not uneventful! He was prepared to teach 10 days straight, but…

Almost immediately upon arrival he felt a bit sick – but attributed it to trip stress and lack of sleep. However, symptoms progressed and though he was unable to have an actual test, and they all pointed to Covid. Possibly. We’ll never know. It could have just been a really bad cold. But just to be safe, following CDC guidelines, he isolated himself until the symptoms lessened and was able to teach the last 4 days. Thankfully Julio was able to cover those first days using Al’s materials.
Upon returning home, he was able to rest a bit but is now pretty busy with bus driving.

He is also preparing materials for the upcoming Liberia trip (November 7-15) where he will be teaching in two different venues, the first for 50-75 church leaders (2 days) and the second for around 30 participants from Liberia and Sierra Leone at the Mano River Multiply School (3 days).
A lot more is happening with Surge!

Check out our website for news on ministries in the U.S., Mexico,
and Egypt as well as Liberia and Peru.

Thank you,
Al & Lori