Senior VP Remains Active in Recuperation

Senior VP Al Lotz has been very busy since returning from Pucallpa, Peru where he delivered several consultant sessions to a church desiring to reach their community through a soccer ministry.  Lotz says, “this effort could result in a unique partnership between Surge, the local church and Peruvian missionary Julio for a future event targeting an indigenous people group in norther Peru.”  The church has invited Surge to bring a soccer team to help kick off their soccer ministry in 2015.

Upon return from Peru, Lotz has been occupied with preaching at “Northside Church”  where he attends (Want to listen to  the sermon “Joseph’s Story? click and preparing for a “Missions Sunday” scheduled for March 30.

Last Tuesday, Lotz also had a 3rd knee surgery that was caused by the original soccer injury that occurred in the spring of 1982 while playing for the pioneering soccer ministry “Sports Life” based in Tacoma, Washington.  Lotz is content that the procedure did not require a replacement knee at this time and that there is a reasonable window of time for therapy and recovery before his next trip to Africa in June.