K4K Program

Aztec Washer Company and Surge International team up to help Children around the World!



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Join us in a practical way to help children around the world build a better life through social, educational and spiritual development.

Your Donation Goes a Long Way in Helping Our Cause!

DONATE $50 directly to Surge International to support our work around the globe. For each $50 donation a Kone Pack consisting of 10 durable cones can be provided for use in rugged conditions. For each additional $10 donation you will add a soccer ball to the pack.

Purchase Kones: To order Kones for your favorite local sport team, your church program, or any other creative use contact us at surgeinfo.org.  Purchases will include an additional cost for shipping and a portion of the purchase will support Surge global projects.

Click the Donate button in the upper right corner to donate or order now!

No matter what the circumstances kids need to play. Soccer has been used to help heal the effects of poverty and other adverse conditions, including civil war.

KONES ARE ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE. They are made of EPDM” rubber that is impervious to ozone and UV (weathering) attack, so the product will never crack or become brittle with outside use. Heavier than a regular sport “cones” it is durable and long lasting; built by Aztec Washer Company for the tough conditions found in poverty ridden areas of the world.

Kones make even the worst field into a soccer field with sidelines and GOALS!




To read the story of how Surge International and Aztec Washer are teaming up to make a difference around the world click here.