Sammy Surge in Study Hard, Play Fair, Help Others

Meet Sammy Surge the wonderful mascot for Surge Soccer. Sammy Surge and his real-life teammates have visited and inspired children all over the world. As Sammy’s popularity has risen we felt it was time to write a fun “children’s” book.. As our story unfolds Sammy Surge has just been reunited with his long-lost twin brother Ralph; now it’s up to Sammy, Grama and Grampa Smitty, Mr Schulz, their 5th grade teacher, and soccer coaches Hansi and Matumbu, to help Ralph succeed – in the classroom, at home and on the soccer field.

If you are young or young at heart, you will enjoy learning about three of Sammy Surge’s life principles: Study Hard, Play Fair and Help Others in this fun heartwarming and thought provoking book for all ages. Available at