Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico

Lost Boys. (And now Girls too!)

As families who live in Mexico and Central America move northward in search of an escape from poverty, some children – many of them boys – are abandoned by their families. Other children are removed from their homes by Mexican government officials for their own safety. Finally, there are children who are truly orphaned: both of their parents are deceased. Although some separations between children and parents are temporary, some are permanent. Regardless, many Hispanic and Latino children are in need of shelter. Organized over twenty-four years ago, the Rancho San Juan Bosco (RSJB) orphanage sits on approximately three acres of land on the western edge of Tecate, Mexico. (Tecate is located on the U.S./Mexico border.) RSJB was established for boys, but now also host girls. RSJB can accommodate up to forty children ranging from ages four to seventeen. Expansion plans are
underway to increase their capacity to eighty children, including infants.

Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage (Tecate, Mexico) is:

  • Run by a director and staff members dedicated to helping abandoned and abused children in Tecate. Used to
    rehabilitate street children and reunite them with any existing family members or a new family.
  • Providing Christ-centered stability in the lives of children by teaching them about the love of a heavenly father who will never abandon them.
  • Providing educational and life-skills opportunities.
  • Occupying a vision for expanding this project to include more children as the budget provides.


RSJB is not supported by the Mexican government nor is it affiliated with any national denomination or church group. Therefore, RSJB is completely dependent upon the generosity of others, both locally and in the U.S., to sustain the lives of these children.

Surge Soccer wants you and/or your group to help!

Surge International’s involvement began in 1995 when Dave Irby was speaking at a mission conference in Temecula, CA. He was invited to conduct a soccer clinic for the orphanage. After one clinic Susie Irby began spearheading a monthly trip to bring food and supplies. Surge’s main goal has always been to invite others to catch the vision and help on a one-time or regular basis.