Kicking off 2018 with a Bang

We are kicking of the New Year with a Bang! Al and Mike are headed back to Peru (January 18th). Dave and Jake are on their way back to Austria (February 8th).

Peru – We have some exciting news – Financial support to continue Biblical training for pastors– and enough money to help build a small school building and a new well for clean water. Al has made a commitment to travel there twice per year.

Austria – We would appreciate your prayers as Austrian visa officials are making it impossible for us to obtain longer term visas even though we are there serving the refugees. In spite of the opposition we are making plans for some dynamic events during the World Cup.

Bringing Hope through Soccer

Learn to do what is right!
Promote justice!
Give the oppressed reason to celebrate!
Take up the cause of the orphan!
Defend the rights of the widow!
Isaiah 1:17 (NET)