I had not planned to write about “the virus”.

[ads-quote-center cite=’the Bible (ESV)’]Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.[/ads-quote-center]

I had not planned to write about “the virus” …then I read this letter from my dear friend Simon – who we worked with in Burundi.

Burundi with Simon
In Burundi with Simon were key members of our Surge team – Al Lotz, Josh W, Mike Tobie, & me.

[tds_note]“Covid-19 is affecting us all – but the poorer the nation, the greater the needs. As our attention is gripped by toilet paper and ventilators, the plight and potential of Burundi are further sidelined. Ironically, for thousands in Burundi having no toilet paper is just normal – and as for ventilators, there are only 20 in the whole nation (and 24 dedicated ‘hospital’ beds for the anticipated corona crisis).

Onesphore Manirakiza, our National Director in Burundi, is a man well-acquainted with hardship, yet during our Zoom prayer meeting last week he wept openly, not for himself but for his country and for the lost who do not know the love of God.

We’ve already had to cancel our Banquet for Burundi and our Bike for Burundi, which usually raises way over £100K to keep our vital work going. Bringing hope to AIDS sufferers, empowering former prostitutes, providing hope to the poorest communities, resourcing our new hospital and health clinics, educating orphans and widows, caring for street children, equipping leaders, reaching the lost and sowing peace… the list goes on… Our work to equip and release leaders of integrity is more critical now than ever.” Simon and all at Team GLO — learn more here: greatlakesoutreach.org[/tds_note]

[ads-quote-center cite=’Dave Irby’]It is a privilege to take the trips that we do; and to walk in so many people’s shoes in so many countries. The burdens they carry become our burdens, ones we carry long after we have visited them.[/ads-quote-center]

Thanks for listening, thanks for caring, thanks for praying and thanks for giving financially.

-Dave Irby, Surge international