I Become All Things to All People… and Sammy Surge

[ads-quote-center cite=’1 Corinthians 9:19-23′]I Become All Things to All Men.[/ads-quote-center]

At Surge International we take these words of the apostle Paul seriously: “I become all things to all men.” (1 Corinthians 9)

Through the great world-wide connector of soccer we can connect with all men & women.

From little jungle villages, to national soccer stadiums; and from school children in the USA to orphans and refugees in far away places. We aren’t afraid to go to countries where there is danger and at the same time we can smile and laugh as our mascot Sammy Surge brings joy to many.

We are currently working on Sammy Surge’s children’s book, a new “music video” and more at our surge_soccer Instagram.

Our goal is to introduce you to Sammy’ Surge’s three principles: study hard, play fair, help others and – his fourth principle, found right here on our website – just might change someone’s life!