Houghton Women Soccer Players to Romania and Austria

Three years ago Surge enjoyed a trip with Houghton women soccer players as part of a missions class. Half of the trip was with Outstretched Hands of Romania and the other half with our work in Austria with the refugees. Once again I have the privilege of leading the mission class group for a repeat trip. In Romania we will be engaging with many children from orphanages and communities where poverty is an obstacle but where Open Hands is present and meeting many needs.

In Salzburg we will be interacting with refugees by visiting their camps and assisting the opening and operation of the third “Nations Soccer League”, which consists of 6 teams of refugees from the countries of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia. Some of the events include small sided soccer, a picnic with traditional food from each culture, visiting at least one camp and in general a lot of hanging out with our refugee friends. We hope to provide some soccer cleats and a few balls to help the program. Included a picture of part of the group as they are raising funds.