Al Lotz & the property for the Shipibo people at Junin Pablo

At the request of the Shipibo people, we got involved with this ministry of teaching. From the beginning, the plan was to start up a school that meets for one week of intensive Bible teaching each quarter of the year for four years. While this is minimal time for a school it is reasonable for the context and resources available to the people.

Hopefully, by the 5th year, we will step back and coach the graduates, some of which will become the teachers for the school to continue. There are some very gifted individuals taking the classes and a number of them are already leaders and teachers in their communities. Town leaders are in favor of this development and have donated a large property and our goal is to develop it with crops and livestock so the school will be self-sustainable down the road. A small soccer field is also an important part of the picture. We have yet several buildings that remain to be built—two classrooms, dormitory, and kitchen. Any and all help both in prayer and finances are welcome. Potentially there could be a team headed there to speed construction along if you would be interested in becoming directly involved.