Love Soccer? Find your opportunity!

Global Player Initiative

The Global Player Initiative (GPI) is a program for men and women soccer players who would like to use the platform of soccer to assist ministries and help mobilize Christians to share Christ’s message of hope around the world.  Designed for university and post-university players still desiring to experience the magic of soccer, this opportunity focuses on connecting and serving people to bring a message of hope. A new exciting development is the direct involvement with the refugee population in Austria. Players begin with a two to three-month soccer and ministry experience with options for a year or more of service. Participants jump right into soccer projects with refugees and children, German language learning and soccer training with local teams.  It is a cross-cultural experience that will expose you to other ways of life and that will likely stretch you and grow you to new levels of social and spiritual insight.

The GPI program has seen 18 players successfully experiencing soccer while “making a difference” in  Austrian society and some have stayed longer than one year. There are also on-going ministries as a result of these efforts.

For more information and application contact us directly.