Surge News from Dave Irby – July 2024

While it is a little early for Christmas music, or my Christmas coffee mug – even for me; these
thoughts from Bob Goff’s LIVE IN GRACE, WALK IN LOVE: A 365 DAY JOURNEY are relevant all year
“The story of Christmas tells us a lot about how God rolls. When the angel came to Mary to
tell her what would happen, that message didn’t come with a playbook of everything that
would come after… [or for Joseph]; The same goes for the wisemen…God doesn’t give us
the play-by-play of what’s to come when He tells us to go. He just reminds us to pack light
and take a lot of love.”
In a whirlwind of activity, without that playbook, God just keeps moving us forward in Liberia:

✅According to one source there are 6,586 miles of roads in Liberia. ONLY 403 of those are
paved. Our staff desperately need at least one vehicle to get around the country. Through a “grass
roots” fundraiser we have raised $12,674.02. The 130 children at VBS at Christ Pacific Church in
Huntington Beach, CA raised $3.274.02, putting us over the minimum goal of $12,000!

✅Darius was part of the The Africa Strategic Team meeting in Ethiopia. It was attended by 35
African leaders from 27 African countries to design a 5-year strategic plan to reach the GAPPS
through sports, with a vision that Africa will train 20,000 leaders every year and 100,000 with in 5

✅Massa, one of the teachers at Beautiful Beginnings School, our partner school, has cancer. Her
doctor said, even for basic cancer diagnosis and treatment she must go to another country, to
Ghana. Thanks to Roberta for heading up a quick fundraiser for the necessary $5,000 needed.

✅Through a mutual friend Todd heard about what we were doing in Liberia, that inspired him to
bring his daughter Natalie, who is an accomplished swimmer, to give swim lessons last year. Just
last month they came back with another swimmer, and they added a boy’s group and doubled
their numbers of students to 54. After a meeting with the Minister of Sports, he agreed with
planning to build the first public swimming pool in the country.

✅Todd also brought cleats and soccer gear. Some of the players had never had cleats. The coach
is using the team to keep the players off drugs.

✅Some staff at Gordon College just raised over $1,000 for Beautiful Beginnings School.