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German Mission joins Africa cause

Surge International is pleased to announce their renewed partnership with Anstoss zur Hoffnung for the upcoming project in Africa in June.

Surge and AzH, the Stuttgart, Gerrmany based “soccer mission” have partnered in Mozambique, Germany and Mongolia.

AzH founder Mark Geissbauer, who was the Executive of the Year for the Surge in the PDL national soccer league and again with the Cleveland team will be one of the key leaders of the mission project in June.

CEO Heads to Europe and Africa

Surge CEO Dave Irby has just renewed his US Soccer “A” Coaching License in Florida…encouraged YWAM staffers and “trainees” in Oregon and on April 8th heads to Vienna and Africa (April 8-19).

The trip to Europe will include sharing with the leaders of; a retreat with AIA Austria staff & volunteers; and visits to the Surge’s partner church in Vienna

Glenn Koppang from the Salem & Portland Africa prayer groups will join Irby on the trip. Glenn has extensive experience in “reconciliation” and has traveled to Africa in the past.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We at Surge International would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We anticipate 2014 to be a good year for ministry as we anticipate projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as North and South America.  God has blessed our efforts and we trust that He will broaden our horizons, making a significant impact on people’s lives around the world.

Special thanks to our partners and brothers that make it all possible.  We wish “peace and good will to all,” not only during the holiday season but for the rest of the year.  If you have any desire to be involved in promoting healing and restoration to people around the globe, we invite you to participate with us.   Catch the vision and join hands with Surge. “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.” Isaiah 1:17

We are thrilled to announce our newest project to launch a soccer event in Africa surrounding the fever created by the World Cup next summer.  Please take a look at our new Africa page under the “Get Involved” menu.

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Will Surge Be Heading to Burundi?

Please click here for more information Vision4Burundi



More Current News and Events

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What is Surge up to?

Hand_mapMore than a decade has passed since Surge began as an organization.  Along with the twists and turns it is exciting to see how God has directed our paths developing the innovative approach and global potential in ministry.  Learn more about our vision and focus by CLICKING HERE!

Celebrating 20 Years at Orphanage

You could make all the difference in the life of a orphan in Tecate, Mexico.  Would you consider helping us help them? How you ask? CLICK HERE for more information.

sammy & parents girls girl boys boy

The Bolivia Connection

stansberrry kidsSenior VP, Al Lotz’s recent return trip to childhood home in Bolivia proved profitable.  Part of the goal was to minister directly to the staff and children at the Stansberry Orphanage (

Bolivia, girls train

Bolivia, new socks & shirt









Lotz states, “It was really cool seeing the children’s faces light up, when they received their new shirt, socks and cleats. What a privilege to share with them in this way!”  The team really connected with the kids and both we and they were sorry to part ways.  On the final night we celebrated with a birthday party  and “despedida” (goodbye party).  You will notice that one of the games was a race to dress with some funny costumes!Bolivia, cleats & socks



Bolivia, costumes









Bolivia, cuernaAnother couple days of outreach was accomplished at a cross-cultural church planting training center, when young men from the neighborhood were invited in for soccer training.  The good news was shared with people that may not normally step foot in church.

Bolivia, passing











Another purpose for the trip was to discover if there is a felt need for this kind of ministry.  The answer is a definite YES, and with more potential ministry than we can currently handle.  We hope to follow up some great leads with a trip planned for second half of July 2014.  Want to come along and participate with this great opportunity?  It is about making friends and touching lives! Please contact us for more information.Bolivia, friends

Report on Lotz Peru Trip

Lotz is in Peru for Medical Work, Construction and Soccer

The first week of ministry in Peru was a success doing medical work in several communities along the rivers and ground preparation for a Bible school founded to train lay pastors in the remote jungle region. In spite of rain and mud the team was able to build  a bridge over a stream to provide access for future construction of buildings on the property.  The first construction will be dorm rooms and classrooms with the hope of opening the Bible institute by the end of September.  The medical team also visited a new community that would like to continue receiving medical help and spiritual encouragement.  “Flor de Un Dia” will be the target of the next indigenous church plant.

chincha schoolSurge Senior VP Al Lotz (Azusa Pacific) joined the team for the second week of ministry in Chincha, a town south of Lima and  the home of pastor Carlos and the church and Christian school he and his family run.  It is this church that is behind the Bible school in the jungle as an outreach to the indigenous people in that region.  One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the students of the Christian school put on a folklore dance for us in commemoration of a turning point in a battle for independence.  This holiday is not their independence day, but is nationally recognized.

doctor alAl translated for the medical doctors during the 5 medical clinics.  On a humorous note, the people began to refer to Al as “doctor”!  One of the team members taught a women’s course on the book “La Mujer Virtuosa” (The Virtuous Woman).  This teaching occurred 3 times and on one of those occasions 6 women professed Christ as Savior.  Al was also invited to preach in Spanish twice, and taught on the discipleship process as seen in the life of Peter.

Gillian’s Team Wins Championship

DSCF1441In her final game in Austria, Gillian McPherson (Biola University) scored the winning goal – giving her team the League Championship!
A few highlights from her two years in Vienna – she made short term mission trips to Liberia and Kosovo (2); led an SBUX Bible Study, and organized the SBUX leaders Unity Dinners.

Back to Back Trips to Peru & Bolivia for Lotz

patio flagSurge VP Allen Lotz is heading back to his “roots”. Al grew up in Bolivia and will use his dual language skills, leadership experience in South America and soccer skills to support church planting, leadership development and to start a soccer camp ministry with the Stansberry orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (  Lotz says, “this is a dream come true, to be ministering back in Bolivia, using soccer and doing so with very dear Bolivian friends.”  The purpose is not only to minister directly but to teach others how soccer can be a great tool for churches and organizations to reach their own communities.  We hope this may be the start of on on-going partnership in the future.

DSCN2965Previous to this trip Lotz will also be in Peru in a cooperative effort to plant churches among indigenous people in the jungles of Peru.  This trip, however, will be limited to the eastern side of Peru rather than the jungle as this is where the partner church and Christian school is involved.  The plan is to reinforce this relationship, by doing some medical and soccer related ministry in the community around the church.  Meanwhile, the work in the jungle continues with development and construction on property designated for a Bible school for training of lay pastors from the jungle region.

DSCN3096Lotz will also be meeting with another missionary friend, Julio, to further develop a partnership to host youth soccer and discipleship camps in at least three different locations in Peru—again with a focus on supporting indigenous church planting.

All-American Kinsey Chavez arrives in Vienna

SI is pleased to announce that Mid-American Nazarene University’s Academic All-American Kinsey Chavez will arrive in Vienna May 29th for soccer tryouts and to begin a year of ministry.

Irby treks to “The OC”, Mexico and Vienna

Surge CEO Dave Irby will attend a Christian businessman’s meeting this month in Orange County (CA) at the invitation of Barnabas Group founder Jim West; visit Tecate, Mexico to help plan the next project at the RSJB orphanage; and fly to Vienna the end of the month to visit with current staff and ministry partners and newest staff member Kinsey Chavez.

Sammy Surge to film first YouTube Video

surgesammySammy Surge, Surge soccer’s “foxy” mascot will be in San Diego this month filming with his new friends Hansi and Atumbhu.  The plan is to film a fun little video to draw the young and young at heart to the team’s website  and Sammy’s message for children “study hard, play fair, help others”

In Vienna Young Adults go on Mission / sbux Studies Expand to USA

Young Adults from CIG (  traveled in small teams to Liberia, Romania, Israel, and Kosovo. The church has a heart for missions, a heart for the nations.

 SBUX studies are being held in 9 different SBUX locations with topics ranging from “What is the Gospel? Genesis to Revelation”to Identity in Christ, Sacred Marriage, studying the book of Romans, 1 & 2 Thessalonians and Nehemiah.

SBUX has now established new locations in Georgia and Minnesota.

 Starbucks has opened a new location in Vienna at Schottengasse 9, 1010. Alicia and Gerfried jumped on it and moved their Friday night SBUX Couples Study to this location.

Thirdly, sbux has added a section to our site specifically for discipleship ~ check it out!


Kosovo-Visit to Children’s Cancer Ward

Gillian McPherson, Anthony and Karissa Whitlatch are in Pristina, Kosovo on our annual mission trip from Vienna.  Pastor Mark Yocum (Calvary Chapel) took them to visit the children’s cancer ward at the local hospital.  We started an English club to introduce the community to the church’s new location, and of course there is the daily “street soccer”; this time in the pouring rain.



Surge CEO at Christ Presbyterian

Surge CEO, Dave Irby will thank the Christ Presbyterian (Huntington Beach, CA) congregation this Sunday, February 24, for their support of the Surge’s work around the world.  Irby will briefly share his testimony and highlights from Vienna, Mongolia and Mexico.

Peru Update

Peru trip Sr. VP, Al Lotz recently returned from a trip to the jungles of Peru where the team performed health and medical services, church construction and evangelism through soccer.  Al states that, “the trip was strenuous and tiring, but well worth the effort, especially after seeing the  impact we made.”  A number of people made professions of faith and it was a real encouragement and motivator for believers of several communities.

Sunday scool in PeruPart of the purpose for the trip was to plan for future involvement in building a Bible School that will serve lay pastors from the region, bringing the body of Christ together in unity from different denominational backgrounds.  Cooperation and collaboration will also pay dividends in solving some challenges in business and cultivation efforts that are particular challenges to the region.


peru soccerAlso in the works, is another partnership with Peruvian brother Julio who is involved in assisting another group of indigenous people where there exist at least 2000 communities in rustic and primitive settings.  Besides attempting to bring health education, he has a vision to train and equip leaders to reach their own people.  Surge is already being a catalyst for this work through making connections to good resources but we also have hopes of partnering directly, using soccer to reach young people in at least three strategic places in Peru.

Al in Peru “Bringing hope through soccer” may be realized to a fuller extent, when these young people are trained in leadership principles to lead the next generation.