25th Anniversary Celebration of serving the orphans!

Our Match against Baja California Select (age 58+) is set for May 16th at 1:00 PM in Tecate. Party to follow. This is the 25th year that Surge Soccer has been affiliated and raising money for the San Juan Bosco Orphanage in Tecate. Many of you have joined us before and we look forward to a great time again this year.

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Al in Peru teaching

Check out the video … I was teaching outside one day in the shade of trees because it was so hot. You can’t tell how hot it was in the video! We are teaching the first half of John’s gospel and will follow up with the second half in May.

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Al in Peru – November 2019

We love seeing “SURGE” show up. Al is currently in Peru teaching and was able to get a new stove for the school. Isn’t it great that it is “SURGE” brand!

Surge International Welcomes Back Josh Westermann

He was a top player for our Cascade Surge PDL team, and now we welcome Josh back as our newest Global Ambassador,” says Surge founder Dave Irby.

We are excited to have Josh back, as he uses his coaching experience with us, Warner Pacific University and the Eastside Timbers. Josh will support our current projects – but with his main emphasis on new project development.

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Al Lotz & the property for the Shipibo people at Junin Pablo

At the request of the Shipibo people, we got involved with this ministry of teaching. From the beginning, the plan was to start up a school that meets for one week of intensive Bible teaching each quarter of the year for four years. While this is minimal time for a school it is reasonable for the context and resources available to the people.

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Al’s August 2019 – Trip to Peru

So I’m sitting on a boat in the river port of Pucallpa waiting for departure on my 6-hour trip upriver to the town and pastor training school in Junin Pablo. It is a cool jungle morning and I’m sweating. You might think it’s a serene quiet morning in reference to this jungle river location but the quiet is shattered with all sorts of loading activity and raucous music (if you can call it that) blaring over the sound system. I try to tame this with headphones and my own music but the result may be going deaf early.

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Surge July 2019 Update

Dave Irby, Surge Founder and inventor of Sammy Surge is launching his first children’s book, officially, this Monday in Salzburg, Austria: Sammy Surge in Study Hard, Play Fair, Help Others

Dave will read from his book during storytime, at Surge’s first-ever English-speaking soccer camp in Europe.

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Great Week of Soccer Camp and VBS at Christ Pacific Church in Huntington Beach

Dave and Sammy Surge finished up a Dave and Sammy Surge finished up a great week of soccer camp and Vacation Bible School at Christ Pacific Church in Huntington Beach, California with Dave’s message to the congregation: “Together, We are writing the Future!” Children who attended VBS raised $852.01 to help support the soccer camp in Salzburg, Austria. We are so grateful for CPC’s tremendous support!, California with Dave’s message to the congregation: “Together, We are writing the Future!

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Sammy Surge in Study Hard, Play Fair, Help Others

Meet Sammy Surge the wonderful mascot for Surge Soccer. Sammy Surge and his real-life teammates have visited and inspired children all over the world. As Sammy’s popularity has risen we felt it was time to write a fun “children’s” book.. As our story unfolds Sammy Surge has just been reunited with his long-lost twin brother Ralph; now it’s up to Sammy, Grama and Grampa Smitty, Mr Schulz, their 5th grade teacher, and soccer coaches Hansi and Matumbu, to help Ralph succeed – in the classroom, at home and on the soccer field.

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Surge Summer Soccer Camps

Surge Soccer representatives will be visiting kids this summer, across the USA and to Austria, with our first ever English speaking soccer camp. Check it out.

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