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Manchester United Next / Surgery / Salzburg / Orphans

An estimated 900 million viewers in 179 countries will view the upcoming Manchester United vs Manchester City English Premier League match. Surge founder Dave Irby will be at Old Trafford as the guest of longtime Man U Chaplain and Surge Advisory Board member, The Rev. John Boyers. (April 21-26)

Sadly Surge mascot Sammy Surge will not make the trek this time as he is having eye, leg and feet surgery at Kincaid Karacters in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More

Surge Global Ambassador Mike Tobie and his wife Kelly are heading to Uganda

We are pleased to announce that Surge Global Ambassador Mike Tobie and his wife Kelly are heading to Uganda.  Please be praying for them and us, as we plan to visit them in October to support their work!

Would you like to support Mike and Kelly financially? Donate Today. Read More

Bree Williams back in Austria with us

We are so blessed to have Bree Williams back in Austria with us.

She has gone through some tumultuous times as she had to rush home as her dad was gravely ill and then passed away. After Bree touches down for a few weeks in Salzburg she moves to Schaldming (south of Salzburg) to serve at the Torchbearers Bible School. She will spend three months mentoring students and developing sports ministry.

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Lotz Update – March 2019

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I have labeled my recent trip to Peru one of extremes, and it was a real emotional roller coaster for me. Let me explain. We sleep in a house with thin wooden slats for walls and you can hear everything from the others in the next room. The first two nights we heard a baby and older sibling coughing and having difficulty breathing. Once I realized how bad it was we got the mother to take the 3-month-old baby to the clinic to receive a shot. But unfortunately it was too late and the baby died that night. Read More

Being Extraordinary


As I look forward to 2019 the words of author Brandon Steiner in his book Living on Purpose resonate with me:

“Part of being extraordinary means helping others realize the extraordinary potential in their lives. It’s about adding value to the world by doing something for someone that they can’t do for themselves.”

Dave Irby, Surge Founder

Video Greeting to Trinity 4th Grade

At Surge Soccer we are so blessed to have so many great people praying for us and sponsoring us; so we can take the message of “hope that Christ can bring,” around the world! Today’s video is a greeting to some of our supporting churches and more specifically to the 4th grade Sunday School Class that prays for us on a regular basis. Read More

John Strauch has joined our Surge International Advisory Board

Surge International is pleased to announce that John Strauch, owner, and president of Mid-Valley Media, Inc. has joined our Surge International Advisory Board. A former Surge Board member John has been a part of the Surge Soccer community since the beginning, with the old Cascade Surge team. Read More

No Task too Small! No Challenge too Big!

At Surge International we have “a calling” to serve others, that we connect with through soccer, the world’s most popular sport.

Long trips, dirt pitches, rough accommodations – no problem – we aren’t afraid to get in the mud. For example, Mike Tobie, who gives his all for Jesus, on and off the pitch and is shown in the video here covered in mud. Read More

Without Vision

Surge International Board Member Likius Hafeni was told three times – “that he would never get a visa to come to the United States.”
But Likius believed God wanted him here. So, he continued to pray and continued to apply for his visa. Read More

Thanks to the Board of Directors

From diverse backgrounds and parts of the world, the Surge Soccer Board of Directors is unified in their desire to use soccer as a connector.

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Surge’s Stefan Ostergren followed his dream

Surge’s Stefan Ostergren followed his dream… to play professional soccer in Austria! What is your dream?

… without faith it is impossible to please God…Read More

Surge Board members making a difference

While newest Surge Board Member Doug DeVries was in Chile, South America handing out Bibles with local churches ShareWordGlobal, Board Chairman Dave Smith and his wife Cathy were serving meals at their church in Southern California for the Harvest Festival community outreach… and Coach Likius Hafeni was leading his Corban University Women’s Soccer team to a collegiate playoff spot!


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Is being Undefeated really possible?

Looking for an inspirational read? (for just $4.62!)

In real life, with real people, being undefeated in anything is so rare that most of us will never experience it. In life, we all feel the pain of loss and defeat. In the midst of our daily struggles comes a very basic spiritual truth or reality that says everyone can experience the wonderful fulfillment of being undefeated!

Just 28 pages – Three famous soccer players, one famous team; their stories of adversity, even tragedy that led to hope. Each story accompanied by a “life lesson” from the best selling book of all time – The Bible. A powerful gift for your soccer/football friends and colleagues or anyone who needs some inspiration. Read More

Surge International Board of Directors Meets in Salem, Oregon

For the first time in twelve years, Surge International held their semi-annual Board Meeting in Salem, Oregon.

And they came from all over the country! Read More

An impact at any age

It Is Neither About Soccer Nor About Us

Anyone can Participate!

Even though we attempt a little humor by poking fun at the “old guys” still playing soccer, the point we would like to make is serious. ANYONE can participate in reaching out to others to make a difference in this world.   Read More

I Become All Things to All People… and Sammy Surge

I Become All Things to All Men.
1 Corinthians 9:19-23

At Surge International we take these words of the apostle Paul seriously: “I become all things to all men.” (1 Corinthians 9)

Through the great world-wide connector of soccer we can connect with all men & women. Read More

Ghana & Togo

Ghana & Togo – 11 days, 4 cities, 8 medical clinics, 1,424 treated, and a soccer tourney! Al, Surge VP, gets around!

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Update from Ghana & Togo trip

Our 11-day trip meant staying in 4 different cities in Ghana and Togo doing 8 medical clinics where we saw 1424 people and encountered at least 5 languages. The clinics serve a purpose of making good contacts and opening doors for building relationships to promote further education and spiritual renewal. Several churches support this on-going work aimed at new church plants. Part of the service of one such church included a three language sermon and a very animated worship time. (See pics and clips). The target audience has potential to reach far into Africa and it was a privilege to serve many wonderful people.

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Sammy Surge says…

Learn to do what is right!
Promote justice!
Give the oppressed reason to celebrate!
Take up the cause of the orphan!
Defend the rights of the widow!

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