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Sammy Surge is Guest Celebrity at Fan Day!

The top professional soccer team in Austria, Red Bull Salzburg, opened their stadium to fans and over 7,000 showed up. And Sammy Surge was a special guest for the Day!

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Red Bull Salzburg & Surge Soccer

It’s all happening in Salzburg Sunday! Surge is sponsoring the Nation’s Soccer Tourney! Seven refugee teams and SRS Germany. Then a World Cup Party with special guests – Sammy Surge – and players Brazil, Germany and Egypt, who will sharing their “stories of faith.”

In Salzburg, Austria for Surge “World Cup” Soccer Activities

Mitch, founding Surge Board Member; Dave, Surge Founder; and Danny, Surge Euro Director, in Salzburg, Austria for Surge “World Cup” soccer activities with players from ten counties.

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Dave flying back to Salzburg today

We continue to be grateful to you all for coming to Salzburg in May! So many blessings have come from that trip! This week it’s all about the World Cup – watch parties with refugees – friendly matches – a tournament – a day at Red Bull and Sammy Surge is traveling with me! The following week Sammy Surge and I will be running a soccer camp in So California!

9 Great Stories of 9 Great Soccer Players has featured 9 great soccer players and their stories. Available in multiple languages as well. Also, download the World Cup 2018 Magazine – a great resource and conversation starter. Read More

The Prize

Check out the ‘Under Pressure’ video story of 5 great players: KAKÁ, CACAU, ENOH, GUZAN, and MULENGA. Read More

Congratulations Reverend John Prim – Chaplain of the Year

Surge Advisory Board Member – The Reverend John Prim – was just named Chaplain of the Year (Hospice Family Care) for CURO Health Services. Congratulations John (former Real Salt Lake Chaplain)

Al & Lori in the Dominican Republic – Update – June 22


New housing for the community. We painted three so far and were told people will be moving in soon.

The camp concluded with testimonies and Bible lessons and then a movie about Amy Carmichael in the evening.

Update from Bree in Salzburg

Bree Williams works with us is Salzburg, Austria and had to rush home to see her dad one last time. She wrote this:

With heavy hearts we share that our Daddy went to heaven on June 5, 2018. He fought hard with the best attitude one could imagine. In lieu of flowers, our family has set up a college scholarship to honor his memory. Read More

Al & Lori in the Dominican Republic – Update

We were at the dump today giving out hot soup, drinking water, and peanut butter sandwiches. The people working here are, believe it or not, in the recycling business and on a good day may make about 1 dollar. Some are trying to support families with multiple children.

Playing games at a community center as part of the final week of camp. All these efforts are aimed at the end result of providing better care, education and hope to keep families together and to help young people avoid working on the streets.

This week – June 18th – for Surge Soccer Director, David Irby

Dave and Susie are wrapping up a 15 day trip to visit colleagues, and attend a retreat, in Austria, and a vacation in Italy.

What’s happening at Surge this week? (Week of June 18th)

Al and Lori leading a team of 9 to minister to the very poor in the Dominican Republic. June 19-24 – Al and Lori Lotz will be leading a team of 9 from Northside Church, Rome, GA to Sosua, Dominican Republic. This is our second trip there partnering with Crossover Cups Ministries – working with the very poor who work and live in the garbage dump, with those caught up in the very prevalent sex trafficking industry, and helping with a VBS program in several communities.

World Cup starts today in Russia

Check out the video: – a video from the 2014 world cup.

The World Cup starts today in Russia watch The Prize in your language, dynamic soccer action as top footballer share their story.

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Happiness in the face of little.

Whether this opportunity will be an on-going ministry or not, remains to be seen.  But the potential for making a significant impact on people’s lives on this continent is limitless.  Some countries are in turmoil, ripped apart by civil war and decimated by poverty, famine, genocide, disease, ethnic conflict, and religious extremists. Many people struggle to get a single meal a day!  The average income is less than $2 a day. In some countries, the child population is nearing 50% of the total.

Caring for a younger sibling is common
Caring for a younger siblings is common




Imagine the chaos – older siblings caring for younger ones, no employment, no education, few resources, little hope but plenty of hunger and suffering.  We cannot just sit by and watch!  With instant media today, it is easy to get lulled to sleep with just another statistic, but we MUST wake up and love our neighbor as ourselves.  Extreme needs may require extreme resources.  Are you willing to be involved?

Children receiving nutritious drink so that they might have enough energy for success in school.
Children receiving nutritious drink so that they might have enough energy for success in school.






Surge International was invited by church leaders and the Football (Soccer) Federation to bring a soccer team to help grass root development of the sport with intent to motivate and assist young people in their quest for a better life.  Our strategy is to cooperate with existing agencies already involved in reaching people for Christ to ensure there will  be good follow up in the aftermath of our involvement.  In June 2014, with the “World Cup fever” in full pitch Surge brought together an international soccer team of professional and amateur players to play 4 matches in 3 cities.  Many heard the good news that we hope will bring  healing and restoration to a war torn country.  Besides the soccer, the Surge team hosted several seminars for pastors, offered counseling for trauma in the aftermath of war, visited orphans and assisted several local ministries. Our motto of “bringing hope through soccer” continues to have long-lasting impact at grass root levels especially among the huge youth population.  Click here for a Statesman Journal article about this effort.

Grocery store
Grocery store
Traditional African Home
Dancers resting before performance.
Dancers resting before performance.
bike taxis
Bike Taxis
soccer burundi
Grass Roots Soccer
Beautiful Beach
Beautiful Beach
Mischievous boys?
Mischievous boys?

Surge project in Salem, Oregon Helps Kids

Surge project in Salem, Oregon impacts hundreds of kids lives. Meet Surge Board Member Likius Hafeni who heads up the project! Check out the video…

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Surge Soccer and the World Cup

All eyes will be on Russia in less than two weeks as the 2018 World Cup takes place!  But what does Surge Soccer and the World Cup have in common?

This is a great opportunity for you to look behind the scenes of the top level of soccer. Surge Soccer Founder, Dave Irby, has written a booklet that tells four soccer stories. Two Brazilians who were never destined for greatness. The tragic story of a famous German. And a story about the Manchester United plane crash.

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Summary: 2018 Romania & Austria Surge Team with Houghton Women’s Team

On-site in Romania: May 13-18 and in Austria May 19-24

A Primary Objective in Romania was partnership with Outstretched Hands and several of their community centers and churches around Calarasi and Chiselet. They minister predominantly within impoverished communities. Many of the children are without parents. One Center estimates that 80% of the children have lost or been abandoned by their parents.

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Hougton’s Womens Mission Team final game in Salzburg

While we faced exhaustion from the cumulative activity of the ten day trip, the Surge women’s soccer team ended with a friendly match against a local club in Salzburg. The tiredness showed itself in our “first touches” but the girls still hung on to make the match competitive and interesting. Unfortunately we lost the game, but more importantly we won the team.

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8 team soccer tournament our gals played 2 per team on the men’s refugee team

An 8 team soccer tournament and the Houghton women played 2 per team on the men’s refugee teams. Read More

Houghton Women’s Mission Team with Surge Soccer in Salzburg

Friendly match with the Afghanistan refugee team. It was far more than a friendly match in that it continues to build positive relationships all around. It was cool to see the women sing a song of praise after losing the game and even more cool to see the men respond with one of their favorite songs. Read More