Surge meant more than soccer to Mid-Valley

Oct. 18, 2009 :: SALEM, OR -The Cascade Surge has folded as we reported last week. Should they be mourned? Why should anyone care . . . There are plenty of reasons to care . . .

Interview with David Irby

APULIFE Summer 2010 :: A poster, the Cougar soccer team, a chapel service, and a trip with APUs Mexico Outreach Program were all important pieces of a puzzle that led me to 36 countries around the world.

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Surge News Feb 2012

Surge News Feb 2012 Allen Lotz, our Senior VP, just returned from from the jungles of Peru. He was part of a seven person group that traveled 10 hours by plane, 10 hours by bus, 10 hours by truck, then throw in a canoe ride! The purpose was to help provide medical care, minor construction and begin to explore the idea of using soccer for leadership training, similar to our project in Mongolia.

Seahorse Team to Uganda

See Coach Irby  as he traveled with their Seahorse Team to Uganda, as the civil war was ending.

Alumnus Facilitates Global Soccer Ministry

June 26, 2010 :: As an incoming freshman, David Irby 75 had no idea how much impact APUthen Azusa Pacific College would have on his life. Thirty-five years later, he is founder and CEO of Surge International, a ministry that uses soccer to bridge political and social gaps around the world in order to spread the Gospel. View Full Article