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This week – June 18th – for Surge Soccer Director, David Irby

Dave and Susie are wrapping up a 15 day trip to visit colleagues, and attend a retreat, in Austria, and a vacation in Italy.

What’s happening at Surge this week? (Week of June 18th)

Al and Lori leading a team of 9 to minister to the very poor in the Dominican Republic. June 19-24 – Al and Lori Lotz will be leading a team of 9 from Northside Church, Rome, GA to Sosua, Dominican Republic. This is our second trip there partnering with Crossover Cups Ministries – working with the very poor who work and live in the garbage dump, with those caught up in the very prevalent sex trafficking industry, and helping with a VBS program in several communities.

World Cup starts today in Russia

Check out the video: www.theprize.com – a video from the 2014 world cup.

The World Cup starts today in Russia watch The Prize in your language, dynamic soccer action as top footballer share their story.

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Surge project in Salem, Oregon Helps Kids

Surge project in Salem, Oregon impacts hundreds of kids lives. Meet Surge Board Member Likius Hafeni who heads up the project! Check out the video…

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Surge Soccer and the World Cup

All eyes will be on Russia in less than two weeks as the 2018 World Cup takes place!  But what does Surge Soccer and the World Cup have in common?

This is a great opportunity for you to look behind the scenes of the top level of soccer. Surge Soccer Founder, Dave Irby, has written a booklet that tells four soccer stories. Two Brazilians who were never destined for greatness. The tragic story of a famous German. And a story about the Manchester United plane crash.

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Summary: 2018 Romania & Austria Surge Team with Houghton Women’s Team

On-site in Romania: May 13-18 and in Austria May 19-24

A Primary Objective in Romania was partnership with Outstretched Hands and several of their community centers and churches around Calarasi and Chiselet. They minister predominantly within impoverished communities. Many of the children are without parents. One Center estimates that 80% of the children have lost or been abandoned by their parents.

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Hougton’s Womens Mission Team final game in Salzburg

While we faced exhaustion from the cumulative activity of the ten day trip, the Surge women’s soccer team ended with a friendly match against a local club in Salzburg. The tiredness showed itself in our “first touches” but the girls still hung on to make the match competitive and interesting. Unfortunately we lost the game, but more importantly we won the team.

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8 team soccer tournament our gals played 2 per team on the men’s refugee team

An 8 team soccer tournament and the Houghton women played 2 per team on the men’s refugee teams. Read More

Houghton Women’s Mission Team with Surge Soccer in Salzburg

Friendly match with the Afghanistan refugee team. It was far more than a friendly match in that it continues to build positive relationships all around. It was cool to see the women sing a song of praise after losing the game and even more cool to see the men respond with one of their favorite songs. Read More

Surge with Houghton Women’s Mission Team at Red Bull Match

Another highlight was getting to see the professional Red Bull match where they won the game with a single goal in the final seconds of extra time. It also happened to be their planned day of celebration winning the league. We enjoyed the event with the Afghanistan team which made it extra special. Read More

Surge & Houghton Mission Team Update – May 17 – Videos

So thankful we could invite them in for a program including this skit and snacks. The effort was in support of a new center for Outstretched Hands of Romania in one of the poorest communities of Călăraşi. It was especially meaningful to see the children respond to this love shown to them.

Check out a series of videos from the day.
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Surge & Houghton Mission Team Update – May 17

We were able to get in free to watch the last 20 minutes or so of the soccer game in the Călăraşi stadium. Interestingly enough this is where the Houghton soccer team painted curbs two years ago on the previous trip. You can see some of the curb in the picture. The home team recently promoted to first division won this match 2-0. Needless to say we are having fun!

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Soccer Match – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

Houghton College Women’s Soccer Team in Chiselet, Romania enjoying a friendly match with the kids.

Both teams after the game

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Yard Work – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

The Houghton Mission Team continues activities with some work.

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Activities from the day – Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania

Check out some of the activities from the day. Houghton Mission Team in Chiselet, Romania.
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Houghton College in Chiselet Romania

Enjoying the kids at a church plant in the village Chiselet. I was told that 80% of these kids are on their own as parents are absent or working away – in some cases in other countries. The only meal some will get is what the church offers. Several made professions of faith as a result of the girls program of song, skit and life stories.

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Houghton Mission Team & Surge Soccer – Hope Center in Calarasi

Arrived crazy tired with jet lag in Romania and stopped at mall to get lunch (KFC)

Arrived at Hope Center in Calarasi. Even though we were jet lagged we had a delicious supper and an hour of games with the kids from the community. We will be back here all day on Tuesday with the girls ending with “girls night”. The men will be leaving to meet with OH team leaders and Nicki Cruz staff.

Playing games with the community kids at Hope Center